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Hey all, just a quick vent


I was on ami for a bit, but they think I also have pppd as well so they took me off the ami and put me on something else to try to get the pppd under control first. Oddly enough what has gotten me back to being able to tolerate some things on screens is playing video games, seem to help desensitize me to all the movement, but I’ve resigned to the fact that 8 hours on a computer is a no go anymore. Just a scary task to have to restart everything and while it will be rewarding at some point I’m sure, theres just a lot of unknown that goes along with it


They are saying your condition is giving you anxiety?

(of course it does! doh!)

Citalopram (Celexa) was proposed for me but I read the experiences of trying to get off it and chose not to get involved. My friend has struggled with Effexor too, so was wary of the SSRI’s.

Once Ami got control of the worse symptoms, my anxiety and depression naturally fell significantly. I did not need any pharma help for this side.