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Here we go again


You should be seeing improvement almost immediately…if you havent by now them i think they may never suppress your vertigo. You may have to try something different …if you can find out which part of your balance system is malfunctioning…(is it your ears)- that should point the way forward for the correct medication…


Can you bear to phone the PA again? Being persistent may be the only way but it is not easy.


My doctor wanted me on the Propanalol for two months before he took me off it. My brain is the problem.


I haven’t phoned again. His PA said she would get back to me in a couple of days and that was on the 20th. They can’t send out a letter that’s not been dictated. I also asked them to ask him something, and don’t have the answer, so I’ll use my own initiative. Dr S is back on the 2nd so I will be phoning first thing and I will phone every day if I have to, to get that bloody letter sent!!!


OMG Gail, that is so awful, words escape me apart from very rude ones!!! Your plan of phoning every day sounds like the answer so hopefully all will go well next week for you.


I agree with Paul, you should see improvements fairly immediately if you have found the right med. Do you really need to wait for Dr S? Even just reading Dr. Hains page and flowchart with your GP you could immediately start to work through a few options . Flowchart is at bottom of page:

They are all here: beta blocker, tricyclic, anti-convulsant, SSRI … (although I don’t believe all doctors are licenced to prescribe SSRI’s)

At least that could make you more comfortable in the meantime …


Last time I was at the doctor’s I was told if the Propanalol didn’t work, there was nothing else they could give me. I mentioned how well Gabapentin had worked when I had it a few years ago and that I thought it would work this time but it hadn’t. He said he would have kept me on it longer, and I said I thought the dose might have been upped before it was discounted, especially seeing as I’m much worse this time round. Dr S wants me back on the Gabapentin with the initial dose and then increasing it. At least I’m a bit nearer to getting it sorted. My Dad had a heart attack on Thursday, so I stopped stressing about the Vertigo so much. Thanks for info.


Fingers crossed.


Oh sorry to hear about your Dad. Wish him well!


He came out of hospital on Sunday so hopefully he will be ok now.


I rang Dr S’s PA this morning to enquire about the letter. I was told he’s busy catching up as he’s only come back. I was expecting to wait potentially another week for this damn letter to come out. I explained I couldn’t get the medication without it and it was now three weeks since my consultation. I had a phone call not long ago to say the letter was sent on the 13th of April!!! Two things here, 1) when I rang they said there was no letter on the system, and 2) I should have been sent a copy as it was Dr S’s idea to send one to me and one to my GP!!! I haven’t received anything. I had stopped chasing it up at the doctors because the PA said the letter hadn’t been done. I rang my doctors. They do have the letter dated the 13th but they didn’t scan it till the 20th. If a letter had been sent to me I could then have made an appointment the day I received it. I spoke to a lovely lady at my doctors who is going to make me a copy of the letter (I don’t trust the PA to send it). I didn’t ask, she offered to copy it for me. She said it’s complicated to follow (which I knew it would be). She also told me that there was only ever a letter to them, it didn’t say to also send it to me. I have to collect the prescription as late as possible today to give the duty doctor time to do it. Finally…


Good grief!!! But you have it at last. I so hope it works for you and you are on the road to taking the beast☺


Can you hear me screaming? :scream: I got a phone call earlier to say the prescription can’t be given without me being seen as it’s not on repeat, and they have no available appointment. She suggested phoning at 6 just incase they could fit me in. Phoned at 6 to be told I was given the wrong information and the cut off point was 5.50…


Yes and I will join you!:disappointed_relieved: So what the heck happens now dare I ask?


I have to ring in the morning, explain to the receptionist why I need an appointment that day (cue more screaming). If she thinks it’s a worthy reason I have to wait for a call from a doctor who decides whether I have what they class as an emergency appointment. After all the cock ups/hold ups, I expect they will give me an appointment pronto. It’s ironic isn’t it that you are told to avoid stress as much as possible:unamused:


Please tell me you got an appointment and your meds!


Here is todays farce…Rang this morning. A doctor phoned back. They changed their mind and decided I didn’t need to be seen after all! I was told the prescription would be ready at 11.30. It wasn’t. Well it was as in it had been done, but not signed. I told them there was no way I could come back later and I would wait. Eventually someone was sent to retrieve it from his office. They are now in my possession:relieved:


Whew, at last! Onwards and upwards from here on in, well that has to be the plan!:smiley:




Bit of an update. I’m due to speak to Dr Surenthiran via a telephone consultation on the 25th. At the moment I’m on 500mg morning and afternoon of Gabapentin (plus the Propanalol) and 600mg on a night. I actually feel worse than last time I posted. My maximum dose for the Gabapentin starts somewhere around the end of September. I have to admit I have not followed the migraine diet, other than recently more or less cutting out Coke Zero. I’ve just been diagnosed with Prediabetes and a Vitamin D deficiency just to add to things. I see the Diabetic Nurse on the 24th, so I’m hoping it will force me to eat healthily and I can incorporate at least some of the migraine diet. I just wish I had the same mindset as I did in 2013 when I lost over four stone. I’m now half a stone heavier than my heaviest. I think the top and bottom of it is I’m really depressed, and have been for at least eighteen months. The Vertigo returning was the straw that broke the camel’s back. You would think a Prediabetes diagnosis would have been an instant wake up call. I think it will be a wake up call but not an instant one…Sorry for rambling and going off subject.