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Herbal tea


Im just wOndering if anyone drinks herbal tea which is naturally caffiene free without any problems? I really miss hot drinks and am considering decaf coffee but thought I might try herbal tea first. Thanks!


I drink decaffeinated green tea as well as chamomille - they don’t bother me at all. Not the same as my morning coffee though! :frowning:


All kinds of herbal. Last night I mixed linden and peppermint, but I’ll slurp close to whatever.

The closest (note that I didn’t call it “close”) to black tea probably is redbush/rooibos. Some day I may even try adding bergamot to it, to remind myself–perhaps!–of earl gray.



Scott tipped me off ages ago that redbush (rooibush) is very like regular tea but caffeine free. I have been drinking it for ages with milk and once habituated to it, it tastes exactly the same as tea. Well it does to me. I also drink fruit teas sometimes. I couldn’t live without a hot drink and don’t think there’s any reason migraine wise not to have them unless they’re coffee/caffeinated tea or hot chocolate. Beware of green tea _ I was under the illusion this was caffeine free until someone put me right. Although I think you can prob get this caffeine free too.


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Redbush Redbush Vanilla Twinings Spiced Ginger Teeccino!
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On a plane Sunday, when the flight attendant asked my pleasure, I got a cuppa hot water.
Worked well enough.