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I believe, as I’m sure you do, mvertigo is a critical support resource for sufferers of chronic vestibular conditions all over the globe, making a really positive impact to so many people’s lives every day. It is considered the goto place on the internet for vestibular migraine. And unlike Facebook, you can come here anonymously.

The downside of running a separate forum outside of the big platforms like FB is that there are real costs involved.

Up until recently I’ve been the only bearer of the cost of running this website and remain its sole technical administrator.

If you are finding mvertigo helpful and enjoying using it please consider a financial contribution to help keep this wonderful community resource going.

If you click the image below you will be directed to our safe & secure PayPal donation page. It accepts cards or your PayPal account. Consider a recurring monthly donation. Thanks for your time & support!


(Don’t worry about being prompted in USD (US Dollars) if that is not your local currency, your card will do the conversion)

I fully appreciate and respect that not everyone will feel like they are in a position to contribute financially, and that’s fine, there are clearly a myriad of other ways to contribute, but even a small contribution helps :slight_smile:

NB Currently:

  • there is no advertising and
  • there are no membership fees.

I will keep:

  • all contribution entirely voluntary
  • all contribution strictly private

I also aim to keep:

  • the forum available for all registered users
  • the site ad free (apart from “Member Recommended Products”)

if at all possible.

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