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Help needed


I am so glad to find this form
Here is my short story
I am 33 years old girl
I my life ihave several vertigo attacks as i remeber them clearly
One when i was 20 years old and lasted 2 months - misdiagnosed due anixity
Second 2012 - I came from vacation - after flying i got sever vertigo lasted a month - diagnos due to air pressure
Third 2015 - got a sever vertigo due to mesotherapy - a hair treatment where they inject the head with needles
Now last july after a lovely vacation i had a severe vertigo and spinnig sensation
They diagnose me with vestibular neurtits
And after 3 weeks i am totally fine and no dizzy at all
After two months i had sever neck spasm which i had to go to the hospital along with vertigo attack and it was less severe than the first one and it is still until today . Constant rocking sensation
In july i have dont two test one of them is posturography and the other has to go with goggles and my doctor dignose me with vesitbular neurtitis
I went last week to a different ent doctor who diagnose me with possible vestiblure migrane
I am really confused with this mixed disgnosis
I am planning to fly - one hour fly - to advance heariing and blance center to get the accurate dignosis
Your help and feedback is much appreciated


hey, welcome @Haya. We always say welcome and sorry at the same time because we understand what you are going through. It sounds like vestibular migraine. @Onandon03 had discrete episodes until it became chronic. Take a look at the welcome page here, and the list of possible medications. Start with your dietary changes, sleep and exercise/walk, as a conservative approach, but consider taking the meds. For many of us have being a life changer. Personally, the rocking sensation has been with me for a few months, slowly reducing the intensity. Time, diet, meds, sleep and positive attitude is what you need to feel in control and start the healing process. You will get there!



here is the link to the welcome page.

BTW, there is no definitive diagnosis, this is an exclusion diagnosis. What I learned is that it does not matter, because many vestibular disorders are treated the same way. So just go with what doctors recommend and try it out. Be patient!


I am currently taking two meds
One is amitriptyline and the other is propranolol
My current episode lasted more than two months
I could not move my head cause the spining get worse and neck spasm is horrible
I am doing vestibular therapy and it helps
But the sensation of rocking or on a boat is horrible and constant
I am worried that i will lose my job that i love so much and i have to children to take care of
Any advise to cope with this


Both are good meds. They both take some time to work and you will feel worse before you start to feel better. You need to be on the meds for at least 4-6 weeks before you can start to judge their effectiveness. Also, we are each different and often have to try several meds or combinations of meds before we feel significantly better. It takes time and patience.

Welcome. We’re here for you.



I am Worried i will Gain weight with both meds since i am overwight and wanting so bad to loss weight :sob:


@Haya, I totally understand, the rocking is really something else. Things that I have done that helped:

  1. Keep my life going, despite the symptoms. I have missed one or two days of work, but I kept just going. As I said earlier in another post, not a stellar perfomance, but I just did what I could. That helped so the time did not go so slowly.
  2. Meditate, yoga, or something similar to mindfulness.
  3. Acupuncture, not to relieve symptoms but for a place for me for selfcare, I love it. It is one hour per week where I can just relax.
  4. Cook
  5. Play with your children
  6. Prioritize sleep
  7. Walk a lot
  8. I did psychotherapy for a few months, also to have a space to go and talk about this and cry
  9. stop googling symptoms, don’t join facebook groups, its too much, stay with us, we are a bunch of enthusiasts :slight_smile:
  10. read or watch something fun
  11. get together with friends and family, tell them what you are going through, but don’t talk about it all the time

I think those are a few coping activities!



That part sucks. We all know that pain. But MAV at baseline is pretty unlivable. Exercise, practice intermittent fasting and do your best.