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Help getting back into a CGRP study


I’ve been in a CGRP study (focusing on people with more than 14 migraine days a month) and have entered an online daily diary every day for the past month and tomorrow I was supposed to get either the injection or the placebo.

But I get a call today saying I can’t participate anymore because I answered a question on day one (a month ago) saying yes to this question: “are you or have you ever been depressed?” I’ve been depressed in the past so I put yes. According to the Teva doctor that disqualifies me because the question implies that I’d be depressed in the present, which makes no sense! Even the SF doctor who is coordinating the study tried to convince Teva otherwise that I’m fine now but Teva wouldn’t budge. I’m trying to get the doctor to give me the contact info for the Teva doctor so I can hopefully convince them but if anyone has any ideas I’m all ears! I heard of another CGRP study but that’s for people with fewer than four headache days per month so I assume they give less of the drug though I’m willing to try anything at this point (I’ve tried 20 different migraine medications over the years and my next attempt would be Botox which I’m trying to get insurance to cover).


is it a study for vestibular migraine or just normal headache migraine?
My neuro otologist said there are no studies on vestibular migraine for the new drug.

In a few month the shots will be on the market if you can’t get back on the study you can wait until the medication comes out?


It’s for post traumatic headache (more than 14 headache days} is the one I’m not allowed to be in anymore and the other one is 4-14 headache days and is for normal headaches. I do have normal head pain/headaches but I can ignore that but the dizziness I can’t ignore so even though the studies focus on normal migraine from my understanding the shots they’ll give can also help with dizziness


I hope you can make it back on the trial!!