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South west.




Why the question?


Was just wondering if you lived near me x


Mine has been over a month now and still really suffering


Ive looked at my diary and i had bad / worse headaches all of August into September and i had Botox on 3rd August so i went 4 to 5 weeks before it settled down and gave relief.


Wow. Did it give you head pressure or foggy head?


I just felt like my headache intensified and i also got neck pain for a while after as well
Plus my eyelids drooped for several weeks. But im reaping the benefits now…my headache is sooo much better. Just need the dizzy spaced out feeling to leave me now


And, I don’t?


I live in the west midlands


You just missed me, by a few years. I somehow expected you to say that. Odd? I used to work in Birmingham and live in South Staffs butmI come from the South West and eventually came back home.

i don’t think your area is very well served for this condition. We are no better off here either. All experts are London/South East and it makes a difference. I did see a consultant in Leiecester advertising on line but long ago. I’m so sorry you have so far been unable to find a drug to give you some relief. Helen.


Did u see dr Peter Rae?


No, I haven’t seen him. I didn’t have MAV whilst living in The Midlands. Helen


I have the same. My MAV has intensified since having the botox for the first time on 25 September, so it’s just over 3 weeks. My eyes can’t focus either and seem blurry and tired/heavy. My headaches are worse around my eyes, especially my left eye and my head feels heavy/foggy. My forehead all feels tight and uncomfortable. I am also dizzier than before. I hope like you Jojo65, this settles down. I have heard of others on FB sites say that it can take some time for the botox to work and then by the 2nd one it gets even better. I am really in two minds about going back for more botox now.


I won’t be getting it done again for sure. Mine has been since the end of August and I stil haven’t got back to baseline yet. I’m very disappointed as I really thought it would help but instead I’m feeling worse


All i can say is please try and persevere…its VERY early days and Botox isnt an instant cure…its cumulative and i had much worsening of symptoms after both treatments…so did a friend of mine who had Botox for Classic Migraine. My 1st treatment was 18th May and 2nd August 3rd. My daily chronic headache has reduced 70%+. Dont give up if theres a chance you can battle through this…im on a cocktail of…Gabapentin, Venlafaxine, Botox, Magnesuim and B2 and ive gone through HELL since Nov 2014.
Let me know how you get on
Jo x


Thank you for sharing your experience with botox Jojo65. I am due to have it again in January. I’m also on 35mg Nortriptyline, which does help with head pain/pressure but doesn’t help with auras and also makes me very dry in the mouth/eyes. Seems to be the thing with migraine meds, might help with one thing but adds side effects, so have to be weighed up which are worse!