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Head Tingling


I am still between MAV and MdDS but I was wondering—

Do any of you get head tingling/electricity sensations in the back of your head? I know I am going to start trampoline walking when I feel that sensation and then it continues for a while—



dont feel tingling but feel something… maybe yeah, electricity and then i start rocking


Google allodynia…i have had the same tingling on scalp…its a migraine symptom


Yes, on a bad day my scalp at top of head will tingle and I’ve had the sense of electricity at back of head and top of head, actually had it this week when I switched from immediate release tab to extended release but it settled quickly, I feel its my brain sending me an alert that’s something is changing.


Yes thank you, and also at the nape of your neck where your spine leaves your shoulder blades behind. When it occurs there, for me, always feels like it contains an ant’s nest and they are on the march, the rear of the head pressure thing is linked to the cerebellum I always think. That’s your balance centre and I always remember when I was first chronically 24/7 dizzy seeing VRT body and telling her that. She smiled patronisingly and looked at me as if I was some sort of imbecile. Didn’t change my mind though. With me it certainly indicates balance isn’t right. Appended might help. Help


I get this on the top of my head. And on my nose.