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Head rush


Hello All

I have read people say they have head rushes.
I was wondering if it’s the same thing I am experiencing it doesn’t necessarily occur when I stand from a sitting position but more from when I lift my head after looking downwards for example it happened the other night while I was sitting down in a restaurant.
I would say also it’s less of a rush and more of a slow wave and it tends to happen twice in quick succession the first being almost like a short warning with the second wave being much more intense.
It takes you right to the brink if you don’t ride it out I’m pretty sure the panic would take you into a full blown vertigo attack. If it happens when I’m standing it goes all the way from my head to my boots and is really quite alarming .
I am currently abroad and it has happened twice which is the first time in well over a year since I have been on medication.
I would be interested to hear if anyone has suffered this very unpleasant sensation.




I have this several times. Unfortunately I usually panic which makes me immediately want to take xanax and I don’t allow myself to push through and compensate so I am not much help on what to do in that situation. The only time I pushed through, I did yes have a full blown vertigo attack which I suppose caused me to avoid furthering the learned situation. MAV is frustrating!!

I have tried to push through, it usually for me happens in situations where I’m around a lot of people and can’t just flee the area or I’ll stand out like a sore thumb. Lol. I definitely feel for ya, it’s a weird sensation that’s hard to put your finger on why your brain is doing that. Happens when I’m about to fall asleep sometimes too. Hang in there! :slight_smile:


Hello Kelsey

Every time this has happened (which was fairly frequent pre medication ) I have managed to get through it without a spell of acute rotational vertigo so far touch wood.
I must admit the other night I think things were just about starting to move but I focused on one point in the wall and told myself "just pull yourself together it’s just a spasm ".
I must admit I am a bit concerned that I’m riding my luck and something very unpleasant is lurking around the corner.
I have been doing reasonably well post medication but I think stress at work and trying to buy a second home abroad could be contributing towards it.



I agree. I definitely have attributed high stress to the rush feeling. I am very sure once all your stresses lessen and decompress it’ll happen less and less. I hope you’re doing well these days, take care!