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Head pressure with heavy braking?


Hi there, new to the site and as I have been struggling with VM for the last 10 years thought it might be a idea to share and view other peoples experiences. My first question to you fellow
VM sufferers is do you ever experience extreme head pressure and dizziness when someone heavy brakes and you’re the passenger? Its odd as I do drive but if I break suddenly it doesn’t appear to bother me as much.

All answers are welcome. I am thrilled to finally be part of a group and not feel like I am suffering this dreadful disease all on my own

Love to all… Kirsty x


Hi and Welcome. You’ve plenty of MAV experience to share so please do join in! I don’t experience this particular symptom but MAV tends to have delayed reactions often I’ve found. I suppose if you are driving your brain ‘knows’ you’ve hit the brakes and has a second to adjust. It comes as a shock when somebody else does it. Comes from outside. Remote. Same would apply to your body. Braking causes sudden unanticipated movement, ie you propably jarr. MAV is a variant balance disorder and the sudden braking affects yr balance and as your system is hypersensitive it overreacts and brings on symptoms. The incident has just pushed your balance abilities too far. I found I can walk, cannot run, not even few steps. Same reason, I suspect. As I’ve improved I’ve found I can walk much quicker, and gradually extended that to quicker for longer periods but too far, and I get head pressure etc the same. Helen


I agree with Helen, I’m sure it’s the brain not being prepared for the braking. I do so much better when I am in control. When I am a passenger, it’s either I am feeling like a wet doll being tossed around or I am feeling like a ridged ball of nerves just waiting for the “unexpected”.


Thank you for your response ladies, it is really such a relief to finally have a diagnosis and know that I am not alone. I also have MS which often makes me feel pretty rubbish and with the chronic migraine to cope with too often overwhelms me.

I have tried Topiromate, Propranolol and now Candesartan without much relief. I have just undergone my second round of Botox for Migraine and am not seeing significant results. I am still struggling daily with dizziness, unsteadiness, true migraine, fatigue, ear pressure/fullness and many more…

I wonder if any of you have had any relief with any drugs? I have also had a intolerance test and found out I am intolerant to Cows milk so have adapted that accordingly, it hasnt had any effect on my migraine but I dont want to put something inside me I know is causing a stir.

Lots of love… Kirsty :two_hearts:


Hello Kirsty
I have trialed all the same meds as yourself and currently on week 7 of Venlafaxine 37.5mg which is helping me with outdoor visual vertigo. Can i just say I also get Botox. My 1st treatment was 18th May and then 3rd August and it was October before i had a full clear 28 days headache free. Dont give up on it yet. I have my next treatment Dec 7th. I have all the same symptoms as yourself.


Hi JoJo, thank you for your response. I am sorry you are suffering with this awful bloody thing! I am amazed that you have had 28 days headache free!! Does that mean just no headache or were the other symptoms still present? I am seeing my neuro on the 12th Jan and will definatley ask about the other drugs you wrote about. I really hope to find something that can help soon as it does take its toll.
I wish you all the luck with the botox and hopefully you will find it helps!! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: