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Has anyone looked into binocular vision dysfunction?


sure, ill keep you updated. I joined the fb group because all i could find online was dizziness, lightheadness, vertigo due to VH, particularly in crowded places or driving. I was worried because mine is rocking 25/7 and i feel better driving. Many people that are symptoms free had the 24/7 rocking and felt better with movement. So that gave me hope. And its true, my neurologist told me clearly that they dont understand much about VM and that is an exclussion diagnses. The VH is or is not there. Simple. I think that the eye misalignment can cause the VM, if you think about it, is like the ears causing/ triggering it. We will see (no pun intended!) if my glasses help.



Guess you might be much caught up in yr FB VH Group but just wanted you to know there’s been quite a bit of VH Activity on this last week or so. Sure everybody would be interested to know how you are getting on with yr new specs sometime if you have a moment. All the best.


Hi… well, my experience so far has not been “life changing”. I do see better and can work better on the computer. But got a migraine again during the weekend and the rocking got bad, when I was having a few good mornings. I am trying to be patient. I think the combo MAV and VH is interesting… I need to have hope that I am going to get better.


So sorry to hear you didn’t just have a Eureka moment where everything fell into place. Guess real world isn’t much like that. Still, it’s early days. May take a while to adjust. Hopefully if yr eyes are right, they will stop triggering migraines soon. I wasn’t really imagining you had both MAV and VH independently. Let’s hope the VH is causing the MAV in which case it might just stop eventually. Wonder what’s happened to Amy. Let’s hope she’s completely cured, forgotten all about us and is half way up Mount Everest or whatever turns her on.


thank you! I asked Amy to give us an update here. Hopefully she will. And yes, I hope is early days for both the prisms and the effexor combo.