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Has anyone had an MRI show up anything useful?


That really is my whole question! There were rumblings at the ENT I visited about perhaps having an MRI…until he heard I have no medical aid. It is hideously expensive here to do privately - and I cannot recall ever having read about anyone learning anything helpful from one…so just wondering…???


Beth, was a blury useless mess for me (though quite reassuring that my brain was complete with no bits missing)

It’s usually only a safety measure to check you don’t have an acoustic neuroma. These are very rare but dangerous. Hence the advice to get one.

But yes hideously expensive.


Thanks, James, that is what I thought. Added to the cost is the fact that I am VERY claustrophobic… I have often said that having a MRI looks like my worst nightmare! How long are you actually in the tunnel? I have only seen it in movies.



It’s very claustrophobic in there, I won’t lie. I was very anxious at the time and really had to focus on keeping calm. You need to prepare yourself mentally and trust in the staff. It’s not painful in any way. It’s all simply a mental challenge.

I think it was over 20 minutes. The noise is very odd. I had a low level vestibular migraine at the time so had a pulsing sensation which made it feel like I wasn’t keeping still. Paranoia!


Thanks for the honest input, James. Here’s hoping they won’t push the issue. Especially at this point - I would rather spend the money on a good quality hearing aid! Will have to see what the next appointment brings…so far the tinnitus fluctuates - but the hearing is still very low.


Has the hearing improved since your scare?


Not that I can discern. Sometimes the ‘rushing’ tinnitus in that ear seems to drown everything out - including the ‘singing’ in the bad ear…then when that dies down somewhat, I can hear better…but far from good! T.V. has been out of the question altogether since the meds started, and I have to stand really close to hear a person talk. Obviously - the timbre of some voices are easier than others. Worst of all - if I can hear music at all - it sounds ghastly!!! Like something produced electronically in a sci-fi movie!!!


Oh no Beth that sounds ghastly! Hang in there I’m sure relief will spontaneously come in time.


Hoping the body will come to the party and heal itself! (Hope springs eternal!!:smiley:)


Mine showed up a chiari malformation (although they claim its not obstructing any CSF flow) plus some white matter lesions which they have said are due to migraines and are safe


I have read about the ‘white matter’ before, that is said to have no ‘meaning’. Thanks for replying, JJ.


Mine showed a vascular loop. It might explain some of my dizziness, but only my VRT seems to think it has any significance. The meds look awful and a surgical fix is risky. I’ve decided to live with it as its pretty common and not dangerous.

The also use MRI to rule out tumor and strokes.