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Has anyone find pain relief with CBD oil?


Has anyone succeeded in managing their pain/ headaches/vertigo with CBD oil, or am I wasting my time?


A 50 mg dose helps me frequently.


What brand do you use? Ive been using Charlottes Webb. Ive read that cbd with higher amounts of tch really is effective for migraines, i guess it is cbd from cannabis instead of hemp…im not verse in this at all, but thats what ive found out so far, still trying to figure it out.


I’d be afraid with any add-in’s if you are proposing using this on your eleven year old. Would be good idea to check it out with her specialist first. Also trouble with introducing several treatments close together. How do you know which is working/causing what. Having said that recently UK Press full of young boy with epilepsy being totally controlled with cannabis treatment so it’s certainly worth full investigation particularly if yiu bear in mind anticonvulsant drugs are often used to control MAV. You could just be in luck.


I’ve been using for about a month, and although I would love to attribute my current hibernation of the beast to it, experience tells me that it is just one of those periodic remissions that sometimes happen with Meniere’s. All such products are still illegal here, and what I use is the crude distillate that looks (and sticks) like black tar. I take little more than a pinhead size bead at night after supper and definitely it gives me a much better night’s sleep, with hardly any wake-up’s. I have never tried it during the day, but seem to think that I feel more relaxed generally - but no, I don’t get ‘high’! However, that is a possibility if you use too much!!!


My brands are local to WA state.


Does it relax you too? If so I might try it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, though anxiety isn’t really one of my issues.


Thanks. :blush: Now that I am back to work my anxiety levels are creeping up! My youngest daughter suggested I try it - she thinks it would help.


I get a bit of relief from it, seems that the tiny amount of THC in it though is what is helping. I tried another brand with zero THC and don’t get the same results.


Search CBD as a keyword, and you will find a pretty good thread on it a couple of us talked about a little while ago.