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Had to Make Hard Decisions? Did You Feel Better or Worse?


I posted recently about my experience that brought me here. Today I got a second opinion that has more strongly supported that I’m dealing with vestibular migraines versus BPPV (the vertigo didn’t really fit, I have other neurological symptoms, etc.). I’ve had a lot of time to think over the last two weeks since I returned to work full time over what to do about work. I live an hour drive from work and am in a very physical field. Right now I am lucky enough that circumstances are coincidentally allowing me to get rides to and from work, but that’s likely to change in a couple of weeks. My work is also accommodating me so far, but it’s hard on my coworkers and times a potential safety hazard (I work in the veterinary field where not being able to move fast puts myself and others in danger and I have limited options to stay completely away from contact with the animals at the moment).

I love my job, but before this I was already planning on looking into a job closer to home. Not being able to drive pushed back that timeline. Now driving short distances (or at least getting a ride to something very close) is likely to be doable. Driving an hour each way will likely be impossible for a very long time (or least I won’t feel comfortable trusting it on a regular basis). Even being back to where I can be at a more normal pace at work is looking more out of reach by the day even if I can continue to get rides to work.

TL;DR, I’ve come to the conclusion that in the next few weeks I need to push hard to try to find a job really close to home before I have to quit. I could try to go for long-term disability, but it’d be a lie as I have strong doubts I’d ever be able to return (assuming they didn’t just say they couldn’t keep me).

Has anyone had to make this decision (or a similar hard decision). Alternately, would I be better off going on the long-term disability anyway in case something does change?


Does your long-term disability policy allow for MAV? I’ve seen other board members struggle to have the condition recognised.

In any case, if you can find work that you love doing that will be the biggest distraction from your symptoms and help you achieve happiness. My neurologist told me to go do something ‘meaningful’ and I totally get that.


Sadly for me I had to take early retirement because I became a liability in a very busy NHS radiology department. I loved my job and had qualified at university at the age of 55 which was no small achievement as I had never done physics before or even used a computer but I got a 2.1. I had no choice though because, like you, the job was fast paced and physical and I kept knocking into things and people because of loss of balance along with all the vomiting etc. It is hard to make such a life changing decision but new things come along which can also make you happy so don’t despair.


Totally agree with that sentiment.