The Vestibular Migraine Community

Great news! Medicine Breakthrough!


This could be a big moment for us! Take a look at these articles :raised_hands:t3:

And the study is this from last year:

Let’s hope this hits the markets soon, bless and have a great day! Things are looking up finally for us MAV-ers!


Interesting to see what this does for the dizzy!

To manage expectations: I don’t think MAV is fundamentally a migraine condition. The root cause will prove to be something else I suspect. But that’s not to say this drug won’t help manage the condition. But did they test it on patients with vestibular issues? Time will tell no doubt …


I agree! I hope at least if this eventually proves unsafe or unsuccessful in the future, that there will be tons of other pharmaceutical companies racing to make the “next best”. I’m so excited, you can even still participate in the research and try it yourself. Exciting stuff!


There is SOOOO much scope for improvement in verstibular medicine this is only the start :slight_smile:


I agree! It’s about time though they get the ball rolling :slight_smile: