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Good days then bad


Does anyone have a good day where they can feel their symptoms lifting so you get all excited thinking it’s going away and then bam you wake up next morning and it’s back with a vengeance :disappointed:


Yep! Take solace in the long term though. Look back every 6 months and you should find you are getting better.


I can certainly relate to this! Are you taking any meds? I am on 10mg of Amitriptyline and felt great for about 3 months. Now feeling rubbish again! Wondering whether to increase my dose or not…


I feel the same about this. I’m on 60mg but my doctor wants me to go up to 75mg. I want to get better but I’m wondering when will enough enough? Like there is only so much you can go up too? So I’m getting frustrated because I’m wondering when my body will find the dose it needs.