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Going to need some posts of confidence


Pretty symptomatic still, balancing a lot with my eyes still and I have to go back to work this Friday. Getting a little nervous just because of the motion sensitivity I know I’ll have with the computer, but I dont really have a choice, need to work. Hoping I can find some coping techniques eventually


(Dude, going to move this post because want to keep that Category for full bore positivity - including the OPs)

All i can say is … I’m afraid it’s not easy and it will take a good while to get better, but you will find a way. But be patient, it won’t be an overnight thing … by a long way.

How are the meds working out? Haven’t noticed any improvement with screens?


Hey thanks James, sorry didnt mean to put it in tha forum, screens have gotten better, I can tolerate video games and more stuff on tv longer, so the meds have helped some, its just tough to kick the blah feeling because I balance more with my eyes so much


well if you can work and the work is interesting it will help take mind off symptoms … I didn’t find work too bad once meds were in place … but it doesn’t make the rest of it any less annoying! But hang in there … be patient … know that all your cells will be working their butts off to fix stuff :slight_smile:


I was in a similar situation as you, had to work to pay mortgage and I had a 1 year old. Very little savings. Anxiety was a massive challenge - 1000 times more anxiety than any period of my life. One thing I would do is make a plan for worst case and then use some cognitive behavioral techniques to back it up. For example, I was really concerned about panic attacks, so I’d make a plan if that started to panic, fine, I would just say I was sick for the day and then walk away (but never did have a full blown panic or take a sick day (-:).

So I’d basically write down all my worries each day, make plans for each worry that seemed reasonable, then every time I worried I reminded myself that I had a plan for that worry and many times that was enough. It didn’t always work, sometimes anxiety ran rampant for the whole day, but it worked better than I thought it would on many occasions. Also, focusing on just getting through the day was key. Another thing I did was think about other conditions that were far worse and be really thankful that I have a very treatable (yet seriously debilitating) illness.

Anyways, just take it one day at a time and follow your treatment, including some counseling / psych help if you can. You will get better, its just a matter of time and massive patience and self-care. I am still recovering too, but I guarantee that it gets better so long as you keep trying and refuse to give up.


I think my biggest thing is anxiety and some fear of the situation. Like I know how i felt when I stopped working, and although I wont feel that bad, it still wont be great, and I’m just anxious about hopefully finding some coping techniques


Yeah, totally get that. I had lots of fear, very awful symptoms to have and no easy fix or understanding what exactly is wrong.


You been doing VRT? Obviously. I’ve seen percentage somewhere but cannot recall it at the moment. Everybody balances to a great extent with their eyes apart from the visually impaired once they get beyond the age of two Or thereabouts. It’s normal. Virtually everyone is visually dependent. I guess it’s because we have all day everyday to practise with our eyes open. The older one becomes, the more visually dependent. To pass a balance test Under 40’s have to be able to stand on one leg for 45 seconds with their eyes open, and 15 seconds with eyes closed. In a person of 70 it’s less than half that, 22 seconds eyes open and 3 seconds eyes closed.

Because of MAV maybe you are a bit more overdependent on vision for balance than somebody else. Don’t worry about it. Try not to think about it too much. Obviously you have to keep safe but surely as long as you are balanced, it’s no big deal. Good luck with your impending return to work.


Thank ya, I think I’m just more sensitive due to migraine brain, like most of us, hopefully with meds and my brain eventually figuring out the new way stuff is working, the other stuff calms down. I’ve learned though as a lot of vets on here say is you have to be positive at some points in the day, be thankful that I can see and I’m not paralyzed or dying


Yeah, may be worth thinking of it this way: what may be wrong with you is something very very small, but because its affecting such a critical sense it gets amplified a lot. But ultimately, you may have barely grazed a finger … :wink:


Absolutely. Maybe it takes something like MAV hitting us to make us appreciate what we have. I was so light sensitive for more than a year I lived like a mole behind closed curtains and barely left the house now at least I don’t have to shut the curtains and can see the sunshine (still not confident with it outside on those cloudless days, yet) but doesn’t it look good. As MAV has knocked me quite literally flat, off my legs, many times I’m always grateful to be vertical rather than horizontal too. Something most take entirely for granted.


Good luck today @Hammet89!


Thanks James, feel like I’m going to need this place to vent until I figure how to work with the new me for now hah


Haven’t been following here but wanted to wish you well and say that BluTech glasses have help me so much with gaze stabilization. I tried generic also but the brand name ones, no prescription lenses, just glasses from the store display, gave me great immediate relief and have afforded me the ability to work all day on a computer.