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I just ordered a pair from Axon Optics a few days ago and can’t wait to give them a try. I hadn’t realized just how bad a trigger fluorescent lights are (other than that I squint a lot and get headaches and am generally “off” in stores like Target) until I spent an hour yesterday in a different room in our office building yesterday so I could look through someone else’s files. (I traded out the lights in my office for a lamp months ago, so I don’t normally work under fluorescents…) Anyhow, after about 10 minutes my head was absolutely swimming. My visual vertigo was in full swing! (I was determined to finish, but wow - what a horrible experience.) At least I know now how to “test drive” my new glasses to see if they really work when they arrive! :shock:

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Axon Optics Migraine Glasses (US only)
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