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Anyone have success (even mild) with Ginko Biloba Supplementation?

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Not taken it myself but according to the Supplements Poll about 10% of respondents found it helpful.


Hi. I took it years ago when my MAV was still episodical, occurring in contained distinct acute episodes that went away completely between defined attacks. It did no good whatsoever, and when I read in the press of the time about adverse effects it can have no the brain, I dropped it PDQ. However, recently I’ve read there is often so little actual compound within many herbal remedy preparations it probably wouldn’t hv done any harm/good anyway.

I would think you would be better off trying the Ami. Instead. If you really don’t want to go down the meds route, try a migraine diet and other recommended lifestyle changes for a couple of months first and see if that helps. Worth a try maybe, choice may well depend on how badly MAV is affecting you I guess. Helen