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Gidlabu's success story


Hi All

I’ve been considering posting a success story on here for a while.

I’m not 100% over this, and I’m still on meds, but I’ve made so much progress and been consistently in the 80%+ range for a few months now, so I think I can call that a qualified success for now. I know when I was at my worst I would have sawn off my right arm to feel this ok!

So, in brief:

  • Early 2017 dizzy spells that quickly passed

  • spring 2017 severe dizziness and very unpleasant head pains, all manner of strange neurological symptoms 24/7

  • Summer 2017 saw Dr S for diagnosis of Migraine Variant Balance Disorder. Started Pizotifen with positive effects within a week or so

  • Winter 2017/18 progress stalled at about 50/60% better. Dr S put me on Gabapentin in addition to Pizotifen. Meanwhile I changed to a much less stressful lifestyle

  • Summer 2018 - started feeling much better as symptoms very slowly faded

  • winter 2018/19 - feel almost normal most of the time and bad days are not very bad. Travel and sports and working at computer screen all are very doable now. Averaging 80-90% most days. I’m even going snowboarding tomorrow!

I have not yet put myself in extended stressful situations (such as very stressful work) and I’m still on meds as above, but I think this should be a message of hope for people who are at a low point.

I know I personally clung onto the success stories in my very dark days. I hope this will help others improve and get better!

Good luck everybody.

MAV is not much fun but it is definitely recoverable!

Success Stories

PS I should add that even on bad days now I don’t have any actual dizziness, it’s more like a weird fuzzy tired heavy head. So the dizziness is almost completely gone, fingers crossed!


Thank you for coming back to post your story! So encouraging. I’m in the midst of MAV so am clinging on to all the success stories.
What kind of dizziness did you have ? Mine is like unsteadiness, rocking on a boat. I’m desperate to get rid of it!

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Thank you for sharing this positivity! So happy for you! I am on my way to where you are and feel hopeful and looking forward instead on back. Snowboarding! That’s incredible!!! So pleased for you!!! Long may it continue!!!


What did you change?:slight_smile:


Allow me:

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Yep! And actually I didn’t realise how stressed I was until I gave up the high-pressure job… :flushed:

I began to feel human again :sunglasses: