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Getting there!!!!!!


Its amazing isnt what these drugs do to your brain…i quite enjoy some of mine and gutted when my alarm goes off at 6am!!!


Yeah, they (vivid dreams) can go the other way too unfortunately, some of which still haunt me.


Yes Erik
I did have nightmares the 1st week…then they went and now its like im going to the cinema every night!


I might get try it again. I love hearing success stories on here. im sure you will only get better too, as you have barely just started, and you can always raise your dose.


Yes im just a baby on the road to recovery on Venlafaxine and like you say on a small dose. Ive suffered severe MAV for 4 years and never thought i would recover to 70% ever. The 30% that lets me down is the 1st hour or 2 of the day. I am very dizzy getting dressed and travelling into work. No matter what i do its there every morning


Im confident that you will get better with time, but if you dont feel better in a couple more months Id suggest going to 75mg.


Thank you so much for the reassurance and advice…i think going up to 75mg is going to be my neuros next option. I had Botox Injections and tge Flu Injections within a week of each other and my dizzines has ramped back up. Even had a couple of nasty headaches


Seems many people have reacted to Flu Jab this year. I had a funny telapse after (see my Personal Diary). I didn’t link the two but @flutters did! Helen


Yes Helen…i have felt headachy and shivery and lethargic ever since both treatments.
Happy New Year!!!