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Gabapentin success stories?


I am due to start taking Gabapentin tonight, but the side effects scare me. I’ve already tried Amitriptyline and Nortriptyline, both made my vestibular migraine much worse. I have been suffering 24/7 for 14 months now, bedbound, and am desperate for relief. Has anyone had any success at treating vestibular migraine with 24/7 symptoms by taking Gabapentin?


Gaba has been helping me. I’m on Pizotifen too. Gabapentin had very few side effects for me, other than some dullness and heavy-headed tiredness when starting/increasing doses, which for me faded after a few days.

please see my post The Pizotifen Diaries for a diary of my meds and my progress.

Gaba has been easy for me to take, much much easier than pizotifen.



I’ve been taking Gabapentin for about 18 months now. I noticed immediate partial relief after I hit about 300mg per day. I titrated up to 900mg a day and that got me to about 80% functionality on a good day.

Very minimal side effects. but I do find that Gabapentin literally slows my brain down. It makes me slur words and think a little slower than usual, but that’s really the only side effect. As far as migraine drugs go it’s one of the easiest to tolerate


Thanks! I asked my gp for this drug in particular because i’d heard of it being better tolerated. It was either that or Topiramate and i’d heard bad things about that.


yes i agree with this. i can think properly, but not as quick and zappy as usual, and i have short term memory loss from time to time. nothing scary, just an exaggerated version of ‘did i lock the door?’ etc

i’m only up to 500mg daily at the moment so i’ll see how far i get…!