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Functional medicine


Hi Camille, I wanted to give you some updates…
For the first time in 2 years I have been 8 days in a row symptom free… (Even symptom free for 1 days would be a first).
I am still on my supplements, there has been some adjustment I am planning to start getting off the nortriptyline end of next month and see how it goes


Hey Joanna, how’s things going for you? Still on a general upward trend? Refining your protocol still? (I know you posted replies elsewhere but perhaps a post focused on you would be great)


Hi, I had a relapse after my last reply and took a month to get back to were I was before.
I did a minor change to the protocol, I personally think it’s something to do with my B12/9 vitamins. I am 99% … if stable will drop with nortriptyline


Thanks Joanna.

Sorry to hear. Even I’ve had a relapse recently. But now back on form. Good luck with the next phase!!!


I’m quite fascinated by this Functional Medicine scene. Brilliant in theory. The Perfect Answer. So it’s really helping? Great. You might be able to quit the Nori? Less drugs you take the better I’d say. What about the Effexor? How long before you can quit that, too do you think? Helen


Joanna, Do not rock the boat. Do not rush to drop the nortriptyline unless absolutely required.