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Functional medicine


Yes, I don’t really post in the FB groups. Just read and learn.


Hmmm, wow @turnitaround, I never thought about that! Geez! I guess I will just stay here then.


Wow that is bad!
It’s true that you are not anonymous but personally I have nothing to hide, I have also made some mav friends :slight_smile:
I am part of a group called vestibular migraine gut healing, i find it the most interesting to read. But there are many more


Just to let you know, that it may be that it’s working… I say “May be” because you never know with this illness. But for the first time since all this started I had 1 day symptom free (since 2016)


Hello! So you are feeling better with all of the supplements that you are taking?


I guess is that, I haven’t done anything else… not only that day symptom free… my symptoms are also really really mild… I am nearly normal!!!


ahem…i smell a success story around the corner…Good luck Joanna…long may it continue.


yes!!! let’s hope it last, tomorrow I have my follow up appointment, I will let you know


@blueberry0, what supplements are you taking?


Please keep me updated on your progress! Did you feel that you were getting better slowly or was the good day just out of the blue?


list.pdf (107.9 KB)

I know it’s a lot… plus the hormone prognenolone


Geez thats a lot!


I would say that was over 1 week


I know it’s a lot, and it’s a big effort to swallow all that stuff but I guess that when you are desperate you would try anything


Yea, it is true though. I have a few supplements from my functional doctor but not that many yet. However, I have not done any tests with him yet so we will see.


thanks for sharing Joanna. Helps us buy and try some of these.


You can find them cheaper… that was the list she sent me!


I think this one might be the one doing the trick. That’s my gut feeling !


I had mine measured, and was soooo low. I take the bio equivalent version so no side effects


Yes, I am interested in getting my hormones checked as well! I am glad that these are all helping you.