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Functional medicine


Wow, check you out @blueberry0, have you got the white coat?! :woman_scientist:


Not for now, i am also taking nortriptyline, that as soon as i get better is the first to go


We could all open an advise center for vestibular migraine lol


That’s funny!


I want to share something I have found helpful with everyone. I tried essential oils for the first time in December, and sometimes diffusing or smelling peppermint oil alone has helped reduce my headaches or even make them go away.

But this company, Vitality Extracts, has a migraine roller that has worked WONDERS for me, especially for headaches in bed! It has peppermint of course, but other oils like ginger that also help the nausea (and in the case of ginger it helps headaches too!) There’s also an oil in there that seems to relax me a bit to fall asleep while the headaches goes away, but I can’t figure out which oil that is.

Check with your doctor first of course, especially for medication reactions, but this roll on has worked better for me than NSAIDs and doesn’t have the side effects! Honestly it’s helped the most for the head pain out of everything I’ve tried.

This link below should give you 20% off your first order if you’re a new customer. So far I have the roll on but I just ordered the blend to diffuse too to see if that helps the daytime headaches more when I can’t hold my wrist up to my nose as well.


Hmm that’s interesting about the oils and headaches. I wish there was one to ease the dizziness. But maybe there is!



How is it going? How are those supplements treating you? Also, I noticed you said you were at 90%. How long did it take you to get there? And have you made any other changes aside from the medication? Sorry I am asking so many questions!


@Camille_Chaf Me too! I have read about some that are supposedly good for vertigo but I don’t believe it. But it could be because my migraine brain is too sensitive. I’ve gone so slowly and cautiously with the essential oils, hence why I am soooo happy I found one to help the headaches! NSAIDs were starting to make me dizzier unless I took it overnight during sleep when I didn’t notice as much so I really had no pain remedy for a little while.


What are NSAIDS? I’m glad that the oils are helping you!


Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) include over the counter medications like short acting ibuprofen (Motrin) and long acting naproxen (Aleve).


Hi Camille,
You can ask me whatever and whenever you want… i just don t come very often here. I am more on the facebook groups.
I started being treated in July last year with nortriptyline, in september I added effexor abd that was almost instant feeling better. Took 2 month to get to 90% and a little longer to 95.
In december i started doing VRT and that is helping too.
The supplement for now not muchc change, i feel less tired but vestibular is more or less the same. It has been only 1 month I will try to give it more time.
Are you on any meds?



Hello, I am so happy to hear that you are doing well! I was doing good-ish for a while but came off of meds and then it all came crashing down. I have started Celexa, but don’t feel much different yet. I am still struggling to believe that I have VM but I don’t know what other diagnosis I would have. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t freaking out right now.


@Camille_Chaf Thank you, the oils help some of the headache pain but it’s really a small drop in the bucket. Like you said, if only oils could help dizziness!!

Thanks for answering @flutters!


This illness makes me so depressed, everyday when i wake up i wonder if it’s going to be a good day or bad.
I am currently on holiday and feeling really well so i guess the combination of my meds, the supplements and the no stress zone is working.
Will see when i get back.
Maybe do see a functional dr and have a blood test done. I don t understand why we don t get a full blood panel when we first see a doctor


It is very depressing, because when we feel bad we feel bad, but when we feel good, we wonder how long it will last. Ugh, I’m scared. I am going to see a functional doctor and hopefully have really comprehensive testing done.


Are you in facebook groups?



I requested to be a part of one but have not heard back yet. A lot of people on here talk about the Facebook groups. Not trying to sound mean at all, just curious; what is the benefit of these FaceBook groups? I would be more than happy to join one or be a part of one.


There are a LOT more people on the FB groups. That’s the advantage.

The disadvantage is that if you join with your real name, then you lose some of your anonymity. The groups are “closed,” which means that only members can see the posts, but there might be several thousand members.

I’ve found the most useful of the groups to be the one called “Vestibular Migraine Professional.” It is moderated by one of the original founders of this site.

Another disadvantage of the Facebook groups (for me, anyway) is that it’s not easy to find old posts and discussions. They’re not sorted and stored like they are in discussion forum software, which is used on this site.

Oh, yeah, one more disadvantage… Recently in one of the groups a woman posted and said that she thought her husband had joined the group to spy on her posts, so he could use them against her in their divorce proceedings.


Hmmm, yea I will have to think about joining one. I would love to find a group where people talk about what has helped them and how they are getting better as I am pretty desperate right now. I tried to join one that focused on positivity but they have not responded.

That is horrible about that poor woman! I will have to see what to do. For now I am just trying to figure out the next steps with this.


I find it amazing that so many people are so relaxed about their identity. Facebook could sell your relationship to this condition to insurers and credit agencies (think house loans!) in a heartbeat. Absolutely crazy to use FB to discuss a chronic health condition in my view. It could really cripple your financial future (as if it wasn’t tough enough already!)