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For those rocking or that have experienced rocking


hello, this is a very interesting article. Sorry if has been posted before:


Oh, I could only find one page? Helen


mmm, cant you see if you scroll down?


here is the link to the PDF, this researcher is been funded by the mdds association.

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Ah, that’s all there now. Couldnt scroll the other, for some reason it was just one page. Technology, eh!


this paper was written by the researchers working on mdds. Basically they propose to include rocking the the vm diagnostic criteria.


Thanks so much gonna have a read @dizzy3 :slight_smile:


We could have told them that!

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Oh, the neuro-oto I saw wouldn’t like that. Migraine causes vertigo, he saith. Would appear rocking and dizziness had different causes or so he thought. He didn’t elucidate though. Do they ever. Wouldn’t want us to end up knowing as much as they don’t I guess! Helen

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@serendipity here it is


Thank you!


@turnitaround maybe you van merrge
the recent previous rocking discussion with this one?

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Thanks @dizzy3, that might tidy things up a little.

However, on this occasion I’m fine with this being separate, because the other Topic is specific about it happening when lying down, and here it’s discussing a paper on the issue.


sounds good, I wanted to refer to this paper in the previous post, so now you know that is at the top of the forum :slight_smile:

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Shew! That’s alot of information on rocking! Thanks @dizzy3