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For those of you that have vertigo attacks ... what is the longest you've gone


…without a vertigo attack? (sensation of spinning, however mild)


My last true vertigo attack was January 28th. 80 days for me. I had what I thought was a small vertigo attack a while back but I think it was just over strained eyes.

My last vertigo attack, left me sick for two weeks.

Its been a wonderful 80 days.


i went from oct 2012 to jan 17 so a few good years :slight_smile:


Carrie I get similar ‘hangovers’. I’m amazed at just how much one can recover from them given how awful the aftermath can initially feel …


the hangover lasted 18months for me but I climbed out of it eventually!


So you only had one spin during that 18 months or simply never improved much between each until that period was over?


I had one big spin at the start of this then I had the rocking/boat feeling for most and then 6months later I had another big spin and then back to the boat feeling and that was it then this time ive had 2 big spins many many little spins and the constant boat feeling, I was never free of some sort of dizziness until my remission period!


thanks. Remarkable that you recovered fully. Sorry it came back - banish it once more!

oooh i’m so close to a unifying theory to explain this illness … (why must we all need an explanation?! lol)


I think everything deserves an explanation and not a piss poor excuse :joy: im going to call you Sherlock from now on james haaha I really hope you have figured this out because ive done trying over the last 5yrs!


Out of interest do you recognise any triggers for your big relapse? Were you faced with any additional stress for example?


I think it was stress but the comedown from it, I was so excited about Christmas that I was working extra hours,not sleeping well, running around to get all presents and I get that excited I feel sick lol so anyway Christmas came and went then I was excited about new years eve and then 4 days later it was my birthday ( im like a big kid, I love a celebration) so after all that I was tired and I quit smoking new years eve too,so I think it was my excitability come down and the irritability of not having a ciggy! that’s my opinion :joy:


4 years and then had a break for a month. When did I get the break? Avoided sleeping on left side, used ear plugs, avoided every activities that required bending down and head jerks, including car rides.


Ugh poor you!! Every day for those 4 years?!