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First 30 minutes of the day dizzy free


Not surprising I suppose. ‘Our’ MAV we agree is hormonal, somehow, and we are level pegging in all respects except I don’t get the headache like you. I think we’ve got same condition, whatever that thing is. Seems more we discuss it, more similarities we find. Sisters under the skin obviously! Helen


Similar to my experience. I would get up and feel worse all morning. By afternoon I would start to feel a bit better. Almost as if you were ‘relearning’ your balance. It might also have to do with position and later metabolism for some.

I suspect lying down is bad for symptoms. And 6-8 hours of it especially bad, but what you can you do? You need sleep!


‘You need sleep’. As @turnitaround says. You sure do with MAV. Lack of sleep really winds it up. I find you do need to go to bed to sleep too. I was once told by my GP not to go to bed but to sleep sitting up on a chair when I had vertigo. Not to lie down at all until it was gone. One night of that was enough. Then when I broke my shoulder with chronic MAV it was fixed by immobilisation (suspended in a sling which was supposedly kept totally immobile for six weeks). So yet again I was told to sleep sitting upright until it was fixed. Best not to go to bed. Best sit upright on a chair! Best for whom? That lasted one long sleepless night too. Maybe it’s just me. I’ve yet to master the art of sleeping sitting upright. Helen


Your " failed" med regime is almost identical to mine apart from Gabapentin which i still take along with Effexor and Botox treatment…all 3 of those have saved my sanity!


Glad to hear there’s some hope after so many med trials :slight_smile:


I too wish I’d been properly diagnosed during my 20 years of episodic migraines (which I didn’t identify as migraines at the time) and before chronic migraine arrived. The acute attacks were (and still are) brutal but the in-between times were so sweetly normal. Those were the days…


No that’s the trouble with MAV diagnosis. If there’s no headache, nobody, medical or otherwise, picks up on the possibility. I’d never have thought of it because I never had headache. Even the rear head pressure didn’t seem at all like headache to me. Helen