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First 30 minutes of the day dizzy free


Not surprising I suppose. ‘Our’ MAV we agree is hormonal, somehow, and we are level pegging in all respects except I don’t get the headache like you. I think we’ve got same condition, whatever that thing is. Seems more we discuss it, more similarities we find. Sisters under the skin obviously! Helen


Similar to my experience. I would get up and feel worse all morning. By afternoon I would start to feel a bit better. Almost as if you were ‘relearning’ your balance. It might also have to do with position and later metabolism for some.

I suspect lying down is bad for symptoms. And 6-8 hours of it especially bad, but what you can you do? You need sleep!


‘You need sleep’. As @turnitaround says. You sure do with MAV. Lack of sleep really winds it up. I find you do need to go to bed to sleep too. I was once told by my GP not to go to bed but to sleep sitting up on a chair when I had vertigo. Not to lie down at all until it was gone. One night of that was enough. Then when I broke my shoulder with chronic MAV it was fixed by immobilisation (suspended in a sling which was supposedly kept totally immobile for six weeks). So yet again I was told to sleep sitting upright until it was fixed. Best not to go to bed. Best sit upright on a chair! Best for whom? That lasted one long sleepless night too. Maybe it’s just me. I’ve yet to master the art of sleeping sitting upright. Helen


Your " failed" med regime is almost identical to mine apart from Gabapentin which i still take along with Effexor and Botox treatment…all 3 of those have saved my sanity!


Glad to hear there’s some hope after so many med trials :slight_smile: