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Finally, people who understand


thanks both, and @Dizzyexplorer welcome, I am usually on the positive side but today I tried some pants that did not fit me and blah! But yes, I am still trying to do and enjoy everything I have in life.


That happened to me. So I bought cuter pants.


That doesn’t sound boring, it sounds like you’re busy. Which is a good thing! I visited Washington 2 years ago for my first vacation with VM. It wasn’t comfortable, but it sure was beautiful. :blush:


@dizzy3 we all have those days! You’re only human. Tomorrow will be better. :heart: Let’s end today on a good note. What’s something good that we’re grateful for today?


that’s so nice of you. Ok I am grateful for having the time and energy to restore a toddlers rocking chair for my son. I am so excited about it and he has no clue the hours I spent sanding and painting :). I am also thankful for the puzzles at the ymca, for which I have cut my exercise sessions short because I love puzzles.


Put a picture of the chair in the link, I’d love to see it! I’m sure it’s beautiful. I do enjoy a good puzzle! There’s something so therapeutic about puzzling with music. @flutters anything you’re especially grateful/happy about today?


ill upload it tomorrow, it is outdoor drying! puzzles are also good vision/ vestibular therapy.


what about you? what are you happy/ grateful?


It snowed in my valley for the first time this winter today. It was just beautiful.


I LOVE my job. I worked very hard to create this company and the very real friendships I have with my clients, peers and staff. The work I do matters and I’m good at it. I feel blessed every day.


You also have a brilliant sense of humour Emily😂


Yep. The South West of England had a good snowfall five or six days back. It snowed continuously for virtually 24 hours. At home we had 27cms and what a glorious sight the next morning in bright sunshine with clear blue skies, the crystals in the snow glistening in the low winter sunshine. Where I live my neighbours are fields, not houses and the snow, pristine for a couple of days apart from a few bunnies feet near the hedges. Later I noticed a passing couple of deer had trodden a path across one field. The snow transformed ordinary rural views into something truly spectacular. No snow capped hills that I could see but that’s because I’m sitting on the top of them! Helen


I really enjoy my job too. I’m hoping to get my MAV under control so I can continue doing it. Lol I’ve only been in Vegas for 18 years, it snowed once ten years ago. It was cold :cold_face:
@dizzy3 yesterday I was grateful for being able to go to work and spend time with my family over dinner. I try to find something each day that I’d miss tomorrow if it were absent. Keeps me thankful. :two_hearts: I sure hope everyone has a wonderful day today!


You are an awesome example of how not to letthis disease stop you. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for reaching out to me. I really appreciate being able to interact with people who truly understand what I go through. How are you? Tell me a little about yourself please. :blush:


the chair


I see nothing! Try inboxing me :blush:


i think its there now


That’s really nice!!


I love the stain on it! Good job!