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Finally have a professional diagnosis and control


Well, I wouldn’t classify my symptoms as a standard migraine. Have you read the Walton Centre Comprehensive Migraine Guide? When I read that, then I do see that I probably have had a history of migraine-variant stuff going on for many years, but was just not aware of it.

I wouldn’t be so sure about people on here. I’ve read lots of people on here that have had no migraine history. In addition, migraine activity quite often doesn’t appear in people until they get older.


I asked my Neuro about it before and he says they don’t usually treat with antivirals unless they are sure something serious is going on like meningitis. I think it would be hard to find a mainstream doctor that would go through MAV treatment with an antiviral.

But I don’t see much sideffects of using Valtrex for a couple months, which is why I’m still interested in potentially trying it someday.


Here is a paper by Dr.Gacek.
I wonder if the antivirals will yield the same effect on Vestibular migraine patients as it did with Meniere’s disease.


Thanks Erik for the reassurance. I will look at the Walton centre info again.


I found it very hard for a neuro to prescribe antivirals , they are not informed of all this new research done in Boston, I had to fly all the way to get confirmation and treatment , my life has changed and also if all the patients that have been treated throughout his 20 years of research , I refused to live like this so I thought I would give it a try and it was a total life changer!


Yes, Dr Gacek main focus on treating Meniere with antivirals will be published in his new research book soon .


When I had sudden hearing loss 9 years ago, they went with a shotgun approach of meds, which included Valtrex which didn’t seem to do anything for me. But I’ve just never heard of Valtrex for chronic MAV.

I have heard of using Valtrex for other chronic conditions though including fibromyalgia with mixed results depending on the person. It’s all very hard to prove and study chronic viral things I think. Like theories about herpes simplex / epstein barr, but its great you found something that clearly worked for you. It definitely behoves me to look into it more.


I would encourage you to do so, at the beginning they gave me valtrex for 10=
days and did nothing, then after talking with the doctor in Boston he said t=
hat in order to penetrate the brain and attack a higher dose was needed, so I=
took that for 3 months and I was 80% good , so doctor recommended to change=
to Famciclovir on lower dose and this did the final result.


No side effects, only monitor that liver and kidneys are working properly before starting treatment .


Dr. Hain’s website has a paragraph about some of Dr. Gacek’s research. It’s under the heading " Viruses as a cause of Meniere’s disease:"


Was your diagnosis MAV? Or Menieres?


Good find Anna. Dr.Hain is a skeptic when it comes to most of the research

Treatment studies using antivirals have rarely shown a positive effect, and we are dubious about the ones that report a response (e.g. Gacek, 2008). Our take on this is that these finding are interesting, somewhat puzzling in that there is some controversy, and need more investigation.