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Feeling worse


Yes, I go to one in Phoenix. I am so blessed to have it 40 minutes away from me.


Hi Liza - I started a Facebook group a few years ago where I now hang out most of the time. It’s called Vestibular Migraine Professional. Come on over.



Thank you so much


I know what you are going thru…I also worked for an A/Line…I finally found a dr. Beh at UTSouthwestern in /tx…he right away knew and gave me effoxor,it worked in 3-4 days,he had to increase it but at least its not as bad as I had it…hope this helps…you…maggie.


A TBI consultant recommend I try HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) to fix dizziness/fatigue. He said an hour in that could help but I read on our forum that “there is a possibility of middle ear baratrauma or fistulas of the middle ear that can be one of the many complications as a result of this type of therapy,” which from my understanding divers experience and is concerning given I have an inner ear complication (migraine dizziness which I think is inner ear haha). I’m unsure it’s worth the risk of worsening my dizziness issues as I’m unsure there is a type of HBOT that doesn’t present possible inner ear complications. Hopkins seems to say it should be reserved for the following conditions which I don’t have:,148

If you’ve heard anything regarding this please let me know! (He also recommended a dose of 16-18 g of fish oil a day 2:1 EPA:DPA (the highest I’ve tried is 2g I believe in that dose and I noticed no change))


By that I assume they mean Inner not middle Ear barotrauma and Inner Ear Fistulae. Middle ear is open to the atmosphere. There is no such thing as a middle ear fistula.

btw @ni_sm you can quote posts with the ‘quote’ button when covering text, e.g.:

I would also be very wary of this therapy but btw this risk probably exists when taking flights (hence I always take a decongestant 30 mins before landing) and is probably one of the many causes of MAV imho.

@Liza_Kulimanova how you doing these days?

I doubt Dr S. would be a fan of any straining during weight lifting btw. It could exacerbate your condition . It certainly does cause me relapse. As a result I don’t use the gym at all at moment. YMMV.

Decongenstant (US) Sudafed Decongenstant (UK)


I think you said you take this?

I wish could for energy but I’m on the migraine diet and no caffeine ;(


Do you have the YouTube link? Thanks!


Yep, i get this too. if it do more than an hour of screen time without a break, i start to get a “metal head” ie my head starts to feel heavy and dull, like it’s a lump of metal.

so i have to work a bit, take a break, work a bit, take a break, etc etc.

i also have a flicker-free LED screen - this helps a lot. have you tried one?