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Feeling so much better


Is she still ok at that dose or did she have a relapse? I wonder if when we do get better that it’s always just going to come back anyways x


If you mean KathyD she did subsequently come back on forum to say she was at that point totally off the Propranolol and still doing fine. From memory that was February 2017 or thereabouts. Haven’t noticed her posting since so assume ‘No news is good news’. MAV in women seems very hormone-linked and it does reoccur sometimes for sure. Best not to spoil the present by worrying about the future. Try to put it out of your mind. Helen


Wow that’s amazing :slight_smile: so happy to hear that ! And il def keep you posted ! Thanks for the help xx


Hi there, it’s always welcoming hearing that people are doing well as it gives us hope too, that that will be us one day.
3 years, since I was diagnosed with MAV the only time I seem to have found my symptoms to have minimalised, if not disappeared over night is when we go abroad on holiday. This has happened the last 2 holidays making me think that stress or anxiety is my main trigger. But unfortunately, we cant stay on holiday forever.
My other food/drink triggers also arent evident whilst im away which is very welcoming when i dont need to watch what i eat.
I got married in Lanzarote at the end of july and, whist my symptoms were still there for the first few days of the holiday, the didnt stick around thankfully and I seem to have been doing ok since. Very minimal visual movement but nothing too bad. It could be either my state of mind is better or to the fact that my meds changed just before we went away. I was on 120mg Nortriptyline but now on 100mg as well as 300mg Gabapentin daily with the intention of reducing the N all the while im feeling ok.


I think I should show it to my manager too! She has been very supportive but when I was trying to describe how the MVBD affects me her main comment was the she also got tinnitus! Jan


Just made for the job, I’d say. Can’t understand why consultants/NHS etc don’t issue any relevant paperwork and/or web references for patients/employers etc as a general rule, particularly with the more obscure conditions like MAV. After all anybody and everybody understands a broken leg, slipped disc, diabetes etc but MAV? In fact vestibular conditions generally? And many others too no doubt. Helen