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Feeling like you’re high and tracking symptoms


Hi all,

I have a couple questions.

  1. When you track your attacks or migraines what do record? Your whole day that you feel horrible or just the actual “dizzy” parts. Some days I have sinus pressure that may lead to a MAV later in the day but not always.

  2. So today I was driving to my drum lesson and I felt slightly weightless and noted I was yawning, but thought I was tired. 15 minutes into my lesson I suddenly felt as if I was high. Like I had smoked too much marajuana (if that makes sense to anyone) My teacher was talking to me and I answered him but I felt I couldn’t remember answering him and time felt slow and still. I felt dizzy but more so in my head than the usual weakness in my legs. I ended up leaving early and have some tingling in my scalp with head and sinus pressure. I’m still learning all my triggers and am on the diet so best I can come up with is the storm passing through. Has anyone felt this sense of feeling high? It was so different from the usual symptoms I’ve had.


Hi Vanessa. I don’t feel high as with drugs, I feel weird enough without taking any! Along with the bad migraines and headaches I get the worse feeling is the rotational vertigo I can get for hours and it comes on without any warning. Most of the time I feel like I have a really bad hangover without the alcohol! I do get the sinus pressure you describe and dizziness with that. To be quite honest I feel horrible most of the time at the moment. What treatments are you trying?R.


I use the Migraine Buddy app to track my attacks and it’s been great. You can tailor it to your symptoms and put in the length of your attacks. You can also put in what you think may have triggered you and it figures out what your worst triggers are. I track whenever there is a worsening in how I’m feeling whether it’s from dizziness or sinus/head pressure or both. Sometimes I’ll have more than one entry in a day.

I haven’t felt high during an attack but have felt weird at times. I usually feel more like I’m hungover. It’s not unusual for me to feel foggy and slow too. I used to get tingling in my arm before I got dizzy but that doesn’t happen anymore.


I’m on a low dose of tompiramate 25 mg with cambia powder and sprix nasal spray as an abortive. I was just diagnosed last November and medication given then as well so I am still learning and adjusting.


Thanks for the input. I use that app as well and I really enjoy it. I too feel groggy and just plain yucky some days which can sometimes be separate from the actual attack. Oh the joys of our heads. I often feel like an overripe berry ready to explode


Would you describe the slow and still more as a confused?
I dealt with that today where my sinuses picked up and then so did my brain fog where I was answering texts but didn’t even realize I answered them and I felt confused.
Mind you I was doing great this morning then as the afternoon picked up I started to progressively feel like crap. Hands and feet got really cold.


Yes! That’s exactly how it felt. Very different from my usual “floor is marshmallow, anxiety, I hate fluorescent lights” feeling I typically get. Perhaps I’ve met a new MAV monster. I do suspect I ate some cheese I should’ve as well :expressionless:


Familiar with those as well; last night those occurred due to the sudden rapid barometer pressure increase. Today was due to weather, barometer pressure. It happens sometimes. Brain fog is awful and so is that confusion where you’re stuck as if you don’t know what you’re doing but you have to do something but you forgot even what you were doing but you don’t feel anxious, just dumbfounded.
Which cheese did you have/try?


Brain fog, I’d say. MAV symptoms just constantly change/evolve. VRT therapist told me to ‘expect anything’! VRT is designed to change brain pathways as do the meds, and so called ‘recreational drugs’too I suppose. Helen

  1. I’ve stopped recording them because I can’t really determine when I’m having an attack or when I’m not. I do keep track in my head when the last major episodes were when I had trouble speaking and was light/sound sensitive. I do this because my Neurologist asks about the “major” ones. But the major episodes don’t occur that often, its really the daily rocking on a boat and weird minor symptoms that are hard to live with.
  2. Yep, I get an unpleasant “high” quite frequently with my migraine/MAV symptoms. It gets worse when I’m hungry of course, were you also potentially hungry? But yeah, I just stare at the wall sometimes and let it pass. I mumble, slur and mix words up when I talk to people. Usually food and rest for 30 minutes resolves it pretty quick, but sometimes it can last half the day.


I tried a ricotta salata…which after some investigation I’ve found is a cheese that is age for 90 days. I think I saw ricotta and thought “safe”. I’ve now learned quite the lesson about being adventurous with cheeses


Ah, bummer :frowning:
I’ve personally had issues with store bought ricotta, so I make it myself every time now. Tastes much better than how I remember Ricotta was.

I agree with @ander454 it gets far worse when you’re hungry. That usually puts me into a heightened anxiety too cause my gut tells me I’m hungry and it acts up my nervous system. I usually have a bowl of cereal before I go to sleep to avoid being woken up in the night very hungry.