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Feeling a little hopeless


The Trokendi does seem to help with the MAV issues, outside of this active migraine anyway. I’ve only been on it since Wednesday. (Which was my birthday, because that seems an appropriate time to start taking what is effectively a neurotoxin.) After 18 months of protest, I promised my neurologist I’d give it an honest try. I have to find a way to turn down the sensory overload. I read last night insomnia and Trokendi are correlated with calcium supplementation. Strictly speaking, I only take a calcium supplement because it supports bioavailability of the magnesium supplement. (Pre-med biology degree, at Eckerd.) Maybe I’ll drop the calcium, add a melatonin and see if that means sleep. Without the migraine component, life is slowly becoming bearable. If that doesn’t work, I’ll switch meds.

Thanks, Emily


My birthday was this past Thursday! Happy birthday!


Since moving to Tampa my 40 years of migraine, etc are still getting worse. Thanks for posting the manatee pics. SO cute!


Happy birthday!! :birthday:


Hi Emily,

Dial back on Trokendi. Half the dosage and stay on it. No reason to rush the ramp up. Also no reason to endure the insomnia. You will be surprised if you still get the same relief with half the dosage of topomax minus the side effects.


I’m already on the bottom dose! I’m just the canary in the coal mine. I’m not sure which planet this model was built for, but it sure wasn’t this one.

I’m staying low and slow. Thanks.