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Familiar symptoms?


I don’t want to make this a political post. I was just reading this news story and this paragraph sounded like it was pulled straight from this forum:

The symptoms, which first appeared in late 2016 in Havana, include: “dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, fatigue, cognitive issues, visual problems, ear complaints and hearing loss, and difficulty sleeping.”


Sounds completely relevant to the forum, Anna.

Yes I had seen this story a while back but never thought about it in this context.

24 people, simultaneously?!! That’s completely bonkers!! If you don’t mind me being so bold but that would probably rule out a migraine root cause in this case! :smiley:

How on earth did that happen, have they got to the bottom of it?! Foul play?

I’ve heard that it might be possible to injure someone’s inner ear with sub-bass low frequency sound?


I don’t know but it would be interesting if the 24 all went to different ENTs or neuro-otologists (without revealing anything about where they had worked) to see how many would be given a diagnosis of VM or MAV!


In any case if that was intentional, that would be a really sick thing to do, knowing that the people might be essentially disabled for years to come … awful.


This is sad. My first thought was I wish it had been on the job for me, then I’d get benefits.