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Excessive earwax anyone?


It’s kind of gross to ask this but does anyone have a problem with excessive ear wax? I went to urgent care 2 weeks ago because of dizziness, imbalance, continual brain zaps, extreme hyper-sensitivity to noise, couldn’t walk/talk at the same time w/out feeling like I was going to topple over, just barely touching the left ear put me on the edge of vertigo. All this came 1 week after my first vertigo attack in 7 years. (though vertigo attack was minor compared to others I’ve had)

The PA I saw said left ear was full of impacted wax and there was nothing he could do, see my doctor; right ear was fine. I saw my doc two days later and she removed a large amount and said right ear was fine. The next day I felt much better and the day after I was back to 80% of my old self. The next week I followed up with my ENT and she removed a lot of wax from my right ear (60% blocked, wondering why the other 2 who looked said right ear was fine??). Another two days and I’m back to feeling much, much better, 95% of my old self, still have lots of tinnitus and imbalance but that’s “normal” for me.

I have no idea if this was all coincidental and I would have had the vertigo spell and subsequent issues regardless of the wax and/or if I would have started feeling better whether or not I had the wax removed. While I could feel a difference in the ear after it was removed (less fullness, clearer hearing) it took another 1-2 days before the dizzy/noise sensitivity symptoms lessened.

Dr. Google is of no help in this one. Everything I read says impacted ear wax is almost always caused by q-tips or something similar being used to clean the ears and I don’t do this. Nor can I find anything that says ear wax can cause vertigo and extreme sensitivity to noises, ditto for problems walking and talking at the same time or the continual brain zaps I was feeling. It generally causes tinnitus, loss of hearing but not what I was experiencing.

So as usual, I’m stumped and hitting red lights with no clue why I had this 2 week bout of something. Wondering if anyone else had a problem with excessive ear wax particularly with it causing disabling problems.