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Eustachian tube dysfunction and migraine [HYH snippet]


No, unfortunately I think it was a transfer of pressure onto the middle ear bones. One possible complication was that i had a big slug of wax in my ear … this could have been the thing that caused it to be worse (acting like a small bullet).

Yes agree, there are significant unknowns here, but weird why there is so much commonality …


FWIW my tinnitus is non-existent at times so my hearing is back to 100% though dizziness persists.

I am pretty sure whatever happened to me is not Secondary endolymphatic hydrops as i spoke to 4 of the VEDA ambassadors who are diagnoised with SEH. All of them had low frequency hearing loss which never recuperated. Without low frequency loss one should strongly question a SEH diagnosis.

Other than Perilymph Fistula there is no well understood cause for SEH.

PLF can be diagnosed with 100% accuracy thanks to Dr.Hain. He said the combo of cVEMP, oVEMP, VHIT, ECoG and rotary chair will show damage to the PLF ear and these tests can be reproduced with identical results. There is good clustering of the results of all these tests in a PLF scenario. The only case where you cannot reproduce with identical results is migraine. Again not my words but Dr.Hain


That’s awesome, congratulations!

Yeah, I’m beginning to question this too.

Yep, makes sense.

I’m thinking there must some kind of middle ear inflammatory condition I might have been suffering from, perhaps after the initial knock. My hearing wasn’t affected at all for the first 5 months, not a jot!


FWIW i have the water dripping ear sensation on my “right” side once in a while when i wake up(not everyday)…my left is the bad side,…not sure if the tinnitus on my left masks the left side water dripping sound ! I am pretty sure the water dripping thingy is ET related.


Yes, what I totally missed in the first part of my illness was the whole issue of mucus in the middle ear. Having health anxiety makes you think of the worst thing possible, and bare logic suggests fluid is coming from an obvious fluid source, e.g. the perilymph.

But given the huge controversy around this, perhaps it’s not what it seems at first.

However, there wasn’t enough fluid to be diagnosed with otitis media. However, the simple inspection they do of your ear drum for ‘splashes’ seems very, very, inadequate.


100% agree.

I have developed a new found respect for the oVEMP and cVEMP. Rest of the tests rely on nystagmus(VNG, VHIT, Rotary chair) and nystagmus depends on many different things like compensation and migraine and other factors like congenital strabismus . oVEMP and cVEMP rely on mechanisms other than nystagmus.

ECoG i have not had time to delve into how it works !


Found this:

It talks about blockage (check), dulled hearing (check), tinnitus (check!), dizziness and vertigo (check, check, check!).


I don’t see that documented on Perilymph Fistula? How are those statistics verified given so few people have surgery? The only way of being certain someone has a PLF is by physically seeing it or taking an assay, so how do you observe enough positives to determine a statistical trend? Hain has done this? Where is the paper? In addition, if the PLF has healed may be left with SEH but there may be no evidence of the initial injury. This will be exacerbated by the fact there may be a large delay between healing and onset of secondary symptoms because it takes the body ages to build up the perilymphatic/endolymphatic pressure. This is why people (including doctors) struggle sometimes to connect an initial incident with the onset of MAV-like symptoms.

Really? It’s basic anatomy, surely? The Reissner membrane gets to move as much as it needs to. If the Reissner doesn’t move far enough to trap the low frequency hairs then you don’t lose your low frequency hearing, simples. That would not rule out the possibility that it might have moved a bit and this would fully explain why you end up with SEH without low frequency hearing. So long as the PLF heals sufficiently for the perilymph compartment to maintain a sufficient volume you will keep your hearing. The issue is what happens after and the pressure build up which no-doubt causes benign impacts to balance and hearing and would explain fluctuation, tinnitus, and loss of sensitivity (ie high frequency hearing).