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Ethiopian Food


Anybody have experience eating Ethiopian food since your MAV hit? Or have substantial knowledge of the cuisine?

I love Ethiopian food, but haven’t tried any since coming down with this. No soy sauce. Injera (the bread) should be safe in terms of ingredients, but it does ferment a while. Also, I would like to know whether there’s some risky ingredient that may not be evident.



the freshly fermented bread as you thought imo


A sourdough starter! Yes, fermented with a sour dough starter will kick off dizziness and ear buzzing when I eat it. And that makes me SO sad because I love it so!


Ironically and to my delight, I sat down at my Polish sister-in-law’s table for her traditional borscht, and learned as I was eating that she uses a homemade or store-bought fermented “starter” as a necessary ingredient.

Did me no harm that evening; that’s the delight" part.