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Elavil... any success?


Well, i didn’t have a migraine at work on friday and i just had a birthday party at my place from 6 p.m. to midnight and didn’t have a migraine… wow!!! :smiley:


Day 19 :
I had 2 migraines in 2 and a half weeks, instead of 3-5 /week.
I almost no longer have the daily tension headaches i used to have: just 2 days in those 19 instead of every day.
I am a lot less dizzy: when i turn a corner i don’t lose my balance.
I have had a few vertigo, episodes but lasting only for a few seconds, and less frequent.
I sleep better, and need less hours to be in good shape.
I juste had a birthday party at my house that lasted from 6 p.m. to midnight with 20 people and didn’t have a migraine… WOW!

So far, the only side effects i have are dry mouth (i hardly feel it though), heart beating faster with effort, but not all the time.
And i feel a lot less hungry… i am happy as i thought i would gain weight with the medication.
For those worried about palinopsia and elavil : i have had palinopsia for 5 years and it didn’t get worse with the medication.

So… woo hoo!

Can’t wait to see if it will continue that way.


Thanks for the update - it’s encouraging. I’m on day 7 now (only the 2nd day in a row at 5 mg - the others were at 2.5, since the first day I tried 5 I was too groggy to function at work). Anyhow, I’m still really tired (sleeping better, though), definitely have the dry mouth issue, and am more out of breath, but otherwise tolerating it fairly well. I did realize on Friday that if I was going to continue the Amitriptyline trial I was going to have to nix my Verapamil. Every time I took one, it made my head and vertigo worse… We’ll see how it goes this week. I felt fairly decent this morning, till my head fuzzed over about half an hour ago… Hopefully things will continue to improve and I won’t have a hard time making it to (and living through) work this week… If all goes well, I’m planning to up it to 7.5 next weekend. We’ll see, though - still a long way off.


I hope you’ll be able to tolerate 7,5 and then 10, as my benefits really improved when i passed from 5 to 10 :slight_smile: Good luck!


Well i have been taking it for a little more than a month now and the only side effects i have are dry mouth (not that bad, really) and tacchycardia. My doctor is sending me for a test wear a heart monitor for 24 h to see if i can continue taking it or not.

On the good news side… i have only had 3-4 migraines in the month (compared to a few/ week, almost daily before) and my vertigo is less often and less strong too i think. But the improvement is more convincing on the migraine/tension headaches.

However, i learned i have to get my thyroid removed, as they found what seems to be cancer. I really didn’t need that. :frowning:


hey all, here’s a post detailing how I managed to cure my palinopsia: