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I don’t know the proper way to ask this question and I’m sure it will be a long answer if its the same as mine would be, what type of symptoms do you have? I have all kinds of crazy things that go on but according to all my other extensive testing I’m perfectly healthy. I’ve had more testing than I can even put down here.


Yes it does and that’s a problem for me, my old job was like working out 10 hours a day it was very physical my new job I do nothing all day but have no time for the gym and it only takes 6 months to start feeling worse and so long feel better.


Since it became chronic, constant 24/7 spinning (me internally, not environment) which would get worse (faster spin, more nausea) with exposure to almost anything, bright light, inconsistent light, car travel, outside in strong breeze, turning my own head, bending, looking at TV or computer, and so on. Before that episodic MAV with dizziness. Basically a migraine that could last up to 8 full days and nights, flat out in bed in the dark, full ears, head pressure, vomiting. Highly sensitive to light, sound, constant indigestion, runny nose, tremour., So dizzy cannot stand up. No headache. After effects of attack last months, that’s most of it. Expect I’ve left some things out.

All the testing ever had was Cat Scan and MRI and audiogram and saw 2 neurologists once each who made me walk up and down, follow a finger, stand on one leg and such. Never even seen a rotary chair. Probable migraneous vertigo diagnosis.


I’ve had spinning vertigo 2 times very short. But all the other symptoms are same and more. I feel for you! Have you talked to anyone about the new injection that is a preventative? I can’t think of the name off the top of my head??


Thanks very much for yr concern. I know the drug you mean. No, haven’t. Think it’s still only at trial stage, only in USA and untested for MAV but could be wrong. Haven’t really looked into it seriously. I take propranolol, enough to floor an elephant, and it has pretty good effect on MAV most of the time, these days. At about 85% more and more days now. Fingers crossed!


great to hear you are at 85%!! :slight_smile:


That’s great!! Propranolol helped the off balance for me but had trouble breathing on it. I would love 85% !!!


Yes, I’m quite growing to love it too. Beginning to feel deprived when it slips away which it’s doing a bit today mainly because of the intense heat here this week. It’s 30+ which is exceptional for us here. Cannot recall the last time it was so hot. Hv a whoosy swimmy head (not a usual symptom for me) and pressure back head and tight neck today caused mainly by the heat I feel affecting my balance. Sorry you and PP didn’t hit it off. Read it can cause plp problems in high temperatures so guess it is. Hope it cools down soon.


I get the same way when it gets really hot or really cold and it’s been in the 90s for the past 3 weeks in Chicago. I get the woosy swimming head, I thought in the beginning that could be circulation problem but had that tested and it’s normal.


I’m wondering if a stuffy nose is at least partially responsible. Temp. Here’s dropped 10 degrees since yesterday but woosy head remains. Taking nasal decongestant to try to shift it. Doesn’t take much to wind MAV up. Never used to have problems with heat, allergies, nothing, before


I’ve never had allergies I guess up until this year my ENT said allergies were extremely bad. I’ve always had sinus issues. I was talking to a nurse that works for an allergy clinic she told me that there is a group of doctors in California that are linking allergies to Meniere’s disease and MAV. I guess I’ve always gotten worse when I have a cold or sick in any way but never really thought about having allergies before???