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Effexor xr


Hello anyone here on effexor xr after trial 6 medication I finally found something that has lifted my headaches 90% after being someone who had a headache regardless of being on 4 different meds. I still feel activity in there and I still have vertigo on the lowest dose which is 37.5 mg so. My question is what dose helped to relieve your dizziness and vertigo I had mild vertigo the first day but then my dizziness went full throttle and sent me into panic and yea this maybe tmi but I was on my period so my hormones maybe in the way right now. Also how long did it take to help your dizziness I saw immediate relief after the first day for my headache but that’s about it


Effexor 75 mg helped me within a month. I had my head back. No more dizziness.