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Effexor and SSRIs


Not sure if my other post went thru so here I am again: my update is that I am doing MUCH better on my strange little cocktail of basically everything! 37.5 effexor, 1000mg valacyclovir, 15mg amitriptyline, .25mg Klonopin, .25mg Trazadone. I sleep 8-9 hours a night for the first time in my life. I am up in the morning no problem, am able to drive and just started exercising including Zumba with blasting house music! and a few little jogging adventures. The computer and phone are still my biggest problems but I have a pair of Migralens sunglasses that seem to help. I can watch the flat screen TV for a few hours (not sure that’s a good thing if I can’t work yet!l) I feel ALMOST normal. And my mood is good. The Effexpr was making me cranky. Now I’m a little flat in feeling but even-tempered.

I can live again.

Thank goodness.

My diet has been okay - not going too wild. I tried yogurt a few days ago and that caused a little wooziness. But dairy and even cheese seems fine.

I will introduce things one at a time. This is a hard-won stability after 6 months and it still feels totally precarious. But soooo thankful to be able to drive and exercise.

Thank you mvertigo friends. You saved me.



Wow, excellent!!