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Effects of occipital nerve block waning


Hi folks,
I’ve had vestibular migraine for 8 years now, and my neurologist started performing occipital nerve blocks on me this summer. At first it really helped decrease the strength of my headaches and reduce eye strain–i could read books again!–but now 4 months on, it’s not having as beneficial effect as it did early on (can’t read books as well, does not decrease the severity of headaches). Has anyone else experienced declining returns with OCN? Thank you!
P.s. the procedure had never effected the dizziness, although I become very dizzy for about an hour after getting the injections.


I have had it twice. It helped with head pressure and headaches slightly.


Hi Salmagundi
I am sorry to hear that you are suffering this terrible thing too.
I had the nerve block done once but it didn’t improve any of my symptoms. I am not sure but I think my neuro said I could only have 2 per year.


I’ve had it twice, for chronic migraine (when my dizziness was less severe than now but head pain worse). The first time I thought it helped a bit with head pain/frequency of migraine but the second time it made me extremely dizzy for days and din’t help with the head pain. My neuro was very annoyed as she was sure it would be just they thing for me and claimed that it couldn’t make you feel dizzy for an extended period.