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ears blocked and ringing!!!!


so the waether is hot and humid and my ears are blocking up like crazy!!! they are ringing and my dizziness is off the charts!!! I honestly think I have secondary hydrops as well since my ears have had this blocked feeling for around 5 years!! who here gets these symptoms? Have you got a diagnosis of menieres as well? have you tried the steriod injection? I’m so over this quality of life :frowning:



Don’t know what else I can offer but sympathy. I don’t hv Menieres diagnosis and no steroid injections either but I understand the ‘blocked ears and ringing’ syndrome only too well. Assuming you have the feeling - and you’ve had all the usual tests which prove the ears aren’t really blocked, I’d say it’s just all part of MAV symptoms. If it feels anything like mine, they feel ‘full’, ‘pressure’, much same as the rear of head pressure one experiences. Identical in fact except in the ears? My ears full feeling only came late on and initially during acute attacks but more recently does seem to just ‘pop up’ as and when it feels like it. The ‘ringing’ - tinnitus? - I had constantly in right ear, and occasionally in left, for 4 years maybe but now only occurs to coincide with my balance feeling challenged I’d say. I’m well medicated now which must make the difference. I can now safely say, if my ears don’t feel ‘full’ and there’s no tinnitus, I feeling pretty good and my balance should be OK, and MAV symptoms at minimum. I think I have found recently that my reduction in caffeine has reduced ear and rear head pressure even further. Think I can almost see a direct link but it’s early days still for that. What meds are you taking, if any, and measures to help reduce tolerance thresholds? Helen


@123isall I swear the hot humid weather triggers me as well. Hang in there, the weather will change and you will feel better very soon I hope :grinning: Tracy


Yes, it really weird how season/weather/barometric pressure seems to affect MAV. i’ve one friend who had labs. And has residual balance issues, experiencing vertigo, ‘marshmallow’ floors, light sensitivity etc. She lives ten miles from me and last few months we are level pegging. Every time I feel more off than usual, she’s the same. We aren’t that close, not joined at the hip or anything, we speak on the phone every couple of weeks and meet ten times a year maybe, so it’s not sympathetic. We’ve also noticed seasonal clusters of labs. Around, and she’s noticed her symptoms now regularly occur same tine of year each year. Bit strange that. Helen