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Ear fullness/pressure ... any concoctions you'd recommend?


I think Nettle tea is helping to clear ear fullness but not absolutely certain.

Anyone found any dietary way to help clear it?

Even my ‘good’ ear is getting full and it does seem to clear in time … its like constipation and it seems to bubble away at times and when it does the pressure seems to reduce little by little.

PS I’m not into doing anything physical to clear them


I have actually come across a way of sorting out my ear fullness which is caused by the eustachian tubes drying out due to sjogrens disease which I also have and it is hemp seed oil. I started it, two caps a day, a week ago. The ear pressure was driving me nuts and I read about the eustachian tubes drying out in sjogrens so thought I would give the oil a try and it has helped me enormously. In sjogrens the mucous membranes dry out as the mucin producing glands stop working so the tubes don’t clear themselves but the hemp seed oil seems to be helping them. It hasn’t had any effect on my eyes but has had a small effect on my mouth and throat so maybe in time it will help everything but I can certainly vouch for the benefits to the eustachian tubes and consequently the ear fullness for me.


[quote=“Revolving, post:2, topic:14302”] sjogrens the mucous membranes dry out as the mucin producing glands stop working so the tubes don’t clear themselves but the hemp seed oil seems to be helping them.

Interesting! That’s a new one on me. Supplements make sense for you. Surely Ami or Nort are going to make that worse?

I’m fairly certain my ‘cracking’ is due to residue from inner ear leakage, because I have a fistula - it never happened to me before my ear injury. But I can’t remember if this ever happened before I starting taking Ami … food for thought! You may be on to something!


The amount of nori I am taking has no effect because the symptoms are very severe and started prior to the nori. For example I cannot open my eyes in the morning because my eyeballs are stuck to my eyelids so have to squeeze in drops first. Also my inner cheeks are stuck to my gums/cheeks and I have to massage my face which I think goes way beyond nori dryness at 10mg! I hear what you say though but as VM is controlled I will take the rest whether it adds to it or not. Why hemp oil should work differently from other oils I don’t know. I also take coconut oil and sea berry buckthorn but neither of those helped with the ear fullness/blocked eustachian tubes.


Wow. Ouch. That doesn’t sound comfortable at all. Hope you find some relief from that Margaret.

Don’t want to knock Nori. It’s a life saver.


Big test for hemp seed oil today and it passed with flying colours! 7am out in the cold morning air for an hour which always used to cause ear fullness/sounding like I was talking under water. Two hours this afternoon walking along the windy beach and no ear fullness or change in pressure. This is the first day for years!!! Hemp seed oil is inexpensive and has no side effects so the only thing you have to lose is annoying ear fullness and pressure changes!


Great! That’s worth checking out. Thank you Margaret and glad you achieved an improvement.


Grape Seed Extract protects cells and reduce inflammation (may reduce ear pressure).
Vinpocetine helps tinnitus



Thanks. I’m wondering if lowering salt intake ‘peaks’ might also help - I wonder if anyone has experimented with that?


Well today something happened that made NO SENSE. I had annoying ear pressure that was verging on brain fog, but nonetheless decided to go out and grab some lunch at my local cafe. The meal was very healthy by normal standards but broke a lot of inner ear rules - made with a reasonable amount of salt, included just baked sourdough bread and was mainly a stew based on chick peas. So this meal had a good amount of salt and LOADS of potassium. At the conclusion of the meal my ear pressure subsided completely. I spent a pretty pleasant afternoon with hardly any tinnitus to boot!

I give up.


Hahah I laughed out loud at your I give up statement. It’s funny in the sense of grief and the wtf then what–nothing-- no kick back from that meal?

That is baffling since we were discussing that the load up salt would usually increase tinnitus and the inner ear feeling.

Good grief.

As a thought, I wonder how you’ll do tonight while sleeping / waking up.


So no kick back. A good evening and a relatively undisturbed sleep with no vertigo for a change. I did have a nightmare though in which my right ear exploded! :anguished: I ate only low salt cardboard in the evening.

Basically I’ve concluded: vertigo at night = uncomfortable day following. Will it ever end?

Hope you are making improvements.