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Dr Surenthiran


Hi All

I went to see Dr S last week.

Apparently the NHS trust at Medway Maritime Hospital where he operates is not going to fund his practice there from some time in the not-too-distant future, so he is hoping to re-home at another NHS hospital.

i got the impression all this is happening in the next few months.

He will continue his private practice as normal while he tries to find a new NHS home.

(for our non-UK friends, NHS = National Health Service = taxpayer funded free healthcare)

I will check in separately to update my treatment diary - it’s been a while. but, in short, slow, steady improvements with a few ups and downs.

See yas


Ouch. I hope that’s not a sign of things to come. And to such a high profile specialist too!! Crazy!!


No oooo. I just saw DrS at Medway last week too for my first NHS appointment (saw him privately 2 months ago) and he never mentioned it. I thought I’d finally found someone who would stick with me. I suppose I better start saving to see him privately and hope he sticks around the SE. Surprised that Medway who get such appalling inspection results would want to jettison a centre of excellence.


Oh dear that is very worrying…come to think of it when I saw him in September he reiterated a couple of times that when I go back in June 2019, I may not see him, he mentioned it may be another neurological specialist!! I thought he was just being cautious?


That’s certainly going to be a blow cos Dr S seems about top of the tree in UK when it comes to MAV treatment. Consultants with his experience here seem to be like hens teeth. Hope he can relocate to another NHS location. Too much to imagine he might just move somewhere a bit more central where more people could reach him I suppose. To lose him from the NHS would be body blow. Must admit thinking how dependent MAVers may be to him, hope he’s got some apprentices somewhere after all I guess one day he’ll retire. Nobody goes on for ever.

Trouble is NHS is so strapped for cash. Last month I collected repeat prescription to find some 90%of my pills allocation and an IOU! This month I’ve today been given full quota but completely different brand which I may not be able to take because I have previously exp. severe GERD as a result of the different pill coatings brand to brand. So bad this was the GP had to specify one brand only on the prescription and this month I’ve got another brand anyway! Don’t know how far the NHS can go on cutting back before it becomes totally ineffective for some conditions. Helen


This pretty much sums up most MAV recovery. May it continue. Good luck.