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DR S diet ....reintroducing foods


Hi - to anyone out there who has been on DR S’s diet and then reintroduced foods. Has anyone any tips please ? Are there any foods or drinks you would completely avoid ?

I was a bit surprised that DR S has said to completely avoid red wine (white wine, beer was ok), citrus, aged cows cheeses, msg and caffeine, despite being at the reintroduction stage. It seems that everyone has different triggers, so maybe red wine, msg etc will not be a trigger for me and avoidance is unnecessary. Does anyone know if caffeine free coffee is ok, or if aged cheeses in small amounts (ie grated pamesan) are ok ? Could I try small amounts of the completely banned foods…ie lemon drizzle cake, or something flavoured with orange etc etc. Any info at all gratefully recieved. Thanks


It is all trial and error because, as you so rightly say, we are all different. If you are really keen on something then have a small amount of it and see what happens. If you don’t react then it is obviously ok for you. You must only reintroduce one food at a time though or you won’t know which is the offending food is.

For most of us caffeine is out but some people find decaf ok, but it does obviously mean no chocolate or normal tea, not just coffee as they also contain caffeine. I cannot cope with citrus, but maybe you will be ok, especially as it sounds as if you really miss that. Just make sure you steer clear of things like guar gum in ready made cakes as it is a fermented food so you would be reintroducing two things at once. It is complicated but once you get into the swing of it and just eat as naturally as possibly rather than relying on processed food you will find it simple.


Hi …anyone else there been on the diet as advised by Dr Surenitheran and have any tips of reintroducing foods ???


I’m still on Dr S’s diet but have had a few relapses, which would count as reintroductions :wink:

I actually haven’t noticed any adverse effects from these lapses, in general, and for this and other reasons I am a little sceptical that dietary factors are a major trigger (for me, anyway).

I’m not even convinced that fully caffeinated coffee is bad - mind you, I want to believe that because I really miss coffee and tea! Throughout the diet, I have had two decaffeinated coffees per day without apparent ill effect.

I think the obvious approach is to just reintroduce one food item at a time, and see if you notice any bad effects. But do it more than once and wait a few days each time, as apparently there can be a delay of a few days between trigger and effects.


I usually get increased tinnitus (goes pulsative) half an hour or so after certain meals, usually something like wagamamas (asian fusion restaurant - onions I suspect) or zizzi’s (cheesy pasta). This suggests to me that the pressure in the ear is going up, but weirdly never linked it to dizziness. Usually subsides after a couple of hours.


Has anyone/does anyone know of someone who’s managed to reintroduce any of the banned foods that used to give them trouble? My basic dizziness is gone and I’m off meds now but I can recreate the old swaying/push-pull feelings I used to get by eating dark chocolate or get migraine rumbles from chocolate brownie’s (see the pattern? :wink: ), for example. Subsides after an hour or so after eating. Will I get this for the rest of my life?! What does Dr. S say, do many recover enough to re-introduce things?