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Dr Joel Goebel


Filled out paperwork today to get an “appointment offer” from Dr Joel Goebel at Dizziness and Balance Center / Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis.
Excited, anxious and hopeful about meeting him. Did some research and he seems to be very well known and highly regarded. Anyone have experience with him by chance?


No, but it’s good to know there’s an expert in that part of the country (I grew up in the KC area).


Absolutely! I live about 80 miles south of St Louis, so am very thankful to be close to qualified help. So many aren’t.


My appt is set for Dec 4th with Dr Goebel! So anxious to hear his diagnosis since this far it’s been BPPV from my primary GP, nerve damage / vestibular dysfunction from my ENT and Vestibular migraines from my ophthalmologist.
Found this great article on Dr Goeble and also found him referenced often by Dr Hain, so I’m feeling optimistic!


I’ll be very interested to hear what you think of him. If Hain references him, that’s a really good sign.

Last year I investigated traveling to see Dr. Hain. I filled out his online questionnaire and someone from his office called me to say that Dr. Hain reviewed it and said I was a candidate to see him. But then she said that because I am so far away (Florida), that he had given her four names of specialists who he recommended who are closer to me. She gave me the four names and I ended up going to see one of them. He was very good and was flattered when I told him that he had been recommended to me by Dr. Hain!


That would be an honor indeed! Did you get the answers you were looking for? I will most definitely keep you all updated. I will finally feel like I have the real diagnosis and maybe all three of my physicians were right, who knows. It’s been 10 months now without medication or a real plan, so I promised myself that whatever he suggests, I will actually do!


Yes and no - he provided another piece of the puzzle but not the complete answer (I’m still not sure I have the complete answer but I think I’m close). You can read my story in the “Personal Diaries” section, titled “The Manatee Diaries.”