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Does anyone get headaches with Redbush/Rooibos tea?


Curious of your finding with that tea like coffee situation with the samplers!


Last time i had coffee(decaf) i had the worse migraine ever. I dont know if coffee was the trigger because i was drinking one cup a day all that week. Since i missed drinking coffee, i just googled something that was a healthy alternative that taste like coffee and found that. Had good reviews so thought i try it.


Might add most of them are caffeine free.


I just received the shipment and first one to try was the hazelnut. It tastes 90% of the original hazel nut coffees that I have tried in the past. soo good and it’s caffeine free.


Yes, it does seem to give me headaches too. Even the plain stuff with nothing added, which is a bummer because I really like it.