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Does anyone get headaches with Redbush/Rooibos tea?


I love it!!!


I work hard on these affiliate links. It’s often nightmare to get a link that has an equivalent on each side of the pond!


you are doing a great job and we love you for that! :slight_smile:


Haha, thanks!


Sorry Beth for late response, don’t know how I missed your post, have no problems now … must have not been related and ‘confirmation bias’. Rooibos gets the full thumbs up from me now! And thank goodness really. Means we can have something very close to Chinese Black tea without any of the caffeine. Marvellous!


Glad the rooibos works for you after all, James. Had to have a smile to see that Tetely makes bush tea on your side of the pond - Tetley’s is my favorite cuppa when I (have visitors and) indulge in real tea!
Bush tea is available here in with all manner of added flavours…from cookies and cream , or mocha something or other to Chamomile. The only ones I like, apart from the regular are the vanilla and Chamomile at bed time.


Oh yum! Googled it, this one?:

Cookies & Cream … Tea!
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Yes I think Tetley is just playing the brand game and perhaps realised it needed a product in this space. I’m sure the tea is probably from a well known supplier!


Oh, that took me back. Years ago someone I worked with was on special diet years for serious skin complaint and used to make her own Chamomile Tea. From the look if it the first line of the recipe must have been ‘Take one large handful of assorted lawn clippings’! I remember the little daisy heads floating in the mug! Helen


Yep- that’s the one. Carmien is my favorite brand, supposed to be organic and to me it is a little smoother than most. That one has tiny bits of coconut in it. Nice now and again, in my opinion, but a bit much on a regular basis. To each his own! :slightly_smiling_face:
Pretty sure you’re right - as far as I know all rooibos is grown in S.A…Tetley probably just re-brands from one of the big packers here.


Helen…I generally make my own Chamomile from the herb itself…much cheaper and you can control how much you use. They are little daisey flowers…I blend mine fine, but whichever way you do it you end up with bits floating :laughing: - as with a lot of herb teas — the lawn clippings were probably other herbs like dandelion or stinging nettle… the list is endless.


Oh, stinging nettle soup. My paternal grandmother used to use it to cleanse her family’s system every Spring. My father always said he might have disliked it less if the outside (and only) toilet hadn’t been so far from the house! He became a keen nurseyman and hated stinging nettles all his life. Helen


Yep - I meant to add that all those herbs tend to taste like lawn clippings as well as look like them!! supposed to be very good for you, though…in small doses!!!


ALso found this

Herbal teas that suppose to taste like coffee.

Ordered a whole bunch of samples.


interesting, I’ll let you be the guinea pig, please report back :grinning:


Ooh interesting, and available on Amazon (and on Amazon UK), where it seems to get good reviews! Let me know your thoughts on the best flavours and general feedback, Young. Thanks for the suggestion, have added to the recommended page in anticipation! :wink:

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Teeccino! Variety Pack
More recommended teas here


Curious of your finding with that tea like coffee situation with the samplers!


Last time i had coffee(decaf) i had the worse migraine ever. I dont know if coffee was the trigger because i was drinking one cup a day all that week. Since i missed drinking coffee, i just googled something that was a healthy alternative that taste like coffee and found that. Had good reviews so thought i try it.


Might add most of them are caffeine free.


I just received the shipment and first one to try was the hazelnut. It tastes 90% of the original hazel nut coffees that I have tried in the past. soo good and it’s caffeine free.


Yes, it does seem to give me headaches too. Even the plain stuff with nothing added, which is a bummer because I really like it.